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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Good Food, Good Gossip and a Makeover...

...What more does a girl need!
And that too when it's done on a working day.
Went to City Centre on one afternoon and met up AD for a lunch and some fun in Lifestyle Stores.
We looked at the various groups of people at City centre and wondered how many of them were like us bunking office and chilling out in the mall.
We wanted to try out something at the foodcourt but what to do? Our favourite Copper Chimmney followed us there also. We had a good meal of Panchranga kabab platter which has a good selection of 8 kababs, a mutton rogan josh and rotis with lots of papads. We had a hearty gossip session and wistfully noticed a mother of 2 sitting at a table and just wished, for once it pays to be an SAHM. Take the kids out any afternoon of your choice and chill out in a near empty restaurant.
We straight went down to Lifestyle's cosmetic section and zeroed onto the Maybelline counter to attempt to cross out one of the points on my things-to-do-before-I-am-40 list. Yes, there was a makeover session on. So for the first time in my life, I allowed myself to be silly- sit perched on that stool behind the counter- with a large silver mirror and get made-up - allow them to pamper me, praise me (which they are trained to do I suppose), and ignore the wierd looks that other shoppers gave me- well, I have done that before so what is given, comes back to you right!
We sat across each other so that we could observe the various steps in doing make-up and find out if the concealers and loose powders really made a difference.
We got concealers, loose powders eye shadow- dual - grey & brown, eye liner above and eye pencil below, mascara, lip liner, lip color, lip gloss, blusher... We tried various combos of eye shadows and I was given secret tips on which actress preferred which eye shadow! As if that made a difference to my purchase choice!
Ok, for once I felt I wouldn't look out of place in a City Centre kind of place! All made- up and browsing at the uppity stores!
I did a few purchases- lipsticks as usual and got nailpolishes free.. Now anyone would have thought I am going to buy the entire range of make-up products but no- the predictable me bought only lipsticks. Why did I bother with the makeover then?
Anyway, I am glad I know which eye shadows will suit me so that I can take that kit out and mix colours.
Ok don't make me tell the various steps in make-up- go here for makeup and here for some tips on eye shadow shades.
PS- the jute bag in black and silver - my birthday-let's say- perk, is lovely- thanks!


Andy said...

Lets say the pleasure was as much mine!! You ought to have seen the expressions on my colleagues and much more on my hubby's face when I met them/him all made up like that. The inspiration lasted for all of two day sat & sun (made my face up and sat at home- how is that for being inspired) and the next week saw me back in my old do!! But it really was fun, wasnt it!!

Anonymous said...

wow..that would be an ideal day out idea for me too! how i long for it!

chandni said...

girly fun is the best!

Anonymous said...

They make you feel so nice dont they? And then I come back to the routine of no-make-up! I simply forget to even apply the lipstick I carry in my bag

Monika,Ansh said...

Hey, that sounds great. I would love to be in your shoes & get a makeover done. :)