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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ojas Tejas Update

Dadda offered popcorn to Ojas
Ojas- Popcorn? Movie?

Mamma was telling cockroach story to Ojas & Tejas before sleeping. Suddenly Ojas screamed and started crying- Mamma godi, cockroach hai (want to sleep on Mamma lap as there is a cockroach here)
Mamma switches the light on to hunt for the aforementioned cockroach in the bed, and finds an oblong shaped clothes tag which Ojas happened to touch and thought it was a cockroach.

Love the "kabhi Kabhi Aditi" song- because there is a little billi (cat) that comes in the end
Love "Rock On" songs and will jump out from the potty seat if need be, to watch it when it comes on TV

Tejas' cycle tyre got dirty so I left it in the balcony to get it cleaned next day. He suddenly noticed his cycle was missing and I told him it's in the balcony. Since he couldn't see it in the dark, he went around complaining- phek dia chutti ka cycle (you threw away my cycle?)
Then proceeded to complain to Dadda- Mamma, cycle, throw, outside. Mamma Bad Girl.

If anyone drinks straight from the bottle, they complain- mouth se piya and point at their lips

The watchman's son was roaming around without shoes.
Tejas- see dirty, shoes nahin pehna
Then he touched the floor- again dirty kiya

Tejas slapped his friend. We asked him why he slapped her?
Tejas- toy mouth mein liya


Monika,Ansh said...

cute :)

Anonymous said...

Mamma bad girl - was their constant complaint about me too. Brings back memories. :)

Monika said...


Anonymous said...

how cute n innocent children are!

Monika,Ansh said...

you are tagged