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Monday, September 03, 2007


After atleast 2 years we sisters tied Rakhi to little brother who ensured his presence. This time more so because one never know whether he will be able to take leave from his new job next year.
Sis tied rakhi for Ojas & Tejas in the evening. Since last year we have started this concept of Rakhi being a concept of Raksha (protection) which anyone can tie to any one. Not just sister to brother. After a good amount of struggle the rakhi was tied and summarily plucked off to bits.
Tejas discovered Gulabjamun- among the array of bite size gulabjamuns and rasgullas he picked up gulabjamun- just like his Mom – the last food that she had eaten before delivery was gulabjamun. Tejas roamed around the whole house clutching the tiny piece of sweet and nibbling at it from time to time. He made the mistake of leaving it in his bowl for a few minutes and the Dad popped it in his mouth. Tejas spent a long time screaming and nobody understood why until he pointed at the fridge. Mummy thought he wanted water but he rebelled at the sight of the bottle. Finally it hit and the sweet box was opened for him to make a selection.

Other Updates
After a week long separation, the reception I received was not extremely joyous, to my shock. They simply stared at me blankly and turned away (probably they were sleepy). It took some time for them to recover and get back to usual.
They loved the flash cards that cousins' wifes gave in Gurgaon. They have caught up really fast and have a few favourites - teddy bear, watch, glasses, lion, fish, ball, boy/ girl (they even point out the shoes / eyes in them. Every evening when I come back home, they take me to the book case and say "cards".

MIL has given them the watches and sunglasses that you get free with Boost. They love it. Yesterday morning Ojas was wearing the watch ....only the watch!! By evening, he was wearing one watch on each wrist! Tejas loves to remove the watch out of the strap and tell me "tooti". (broken)

They, especially Ojas bang their head against something hard- wall/ cupboard/ chair edge if they are upset. Kind of inflict pain to self and then cry heartily for it. Whenever they do it, I take them to the bean bag and bang their head on it multiple times in quick succession- in a real irritating manner until they get really rattled! Now whenever Ojas makes for the wall, I quickly tell him to go to the bean bag- he shakes his head in no. To some extent it has stopped him from banging his head at every excuse. But he does it sometimes on the bean bag to amuse me.

I was chasing Ojas. Tejas came in front of me and pointed at himself and ran away- meaning chase me also!

They hold the window grill and clamber on the wall. - esp Ojas. He has a knack for climbing up things and even flat structures like wall, A/C cover, child gate..wonder why.

Hubby was calling Ojas. Tejas gave him a push from behind and said - go. He said the same thing when Ojas tried to sit next to him on the bean bag.

I gave them onion and tomato salad. Tejas had a large slice of tomato. I saw him attempting to cut the tomato into smaller piece before putting it into his mouth.


my life.... said...

unnudaiya kids so cute... i guess that i shld get married faster as i can see that kids really bring alot of santhosham to parents... pillaigal pethrorin sirantha santhosha parisu :)

aargee said...

That was a nice read. It must be real fun to be around twins. Can watch them growing together..I really enjoyed this post. Very cute kids :)

timepass said...

Nice post and cute pics too.. LOL on Tejas saying Chase Me too...

Suki said...

i say it again and again - they are so Utterly Cute!

And (un)fortunately for you, seems like having twins is not Double Trouble, but Triple Trouble! Ojas, Tejas and then the two in coordination :P. ;).

artnavy said...

.........the last food that she had eaten before delivery was gulabjamun.........

i think taht is a good theory- maybe that is why anush is soooo fond of boiled corn on the cob

ojas tejas- get a mention at my blog today

Something to Say said...

o how the twins are growing.
lol at the gulab jamun luv...
maybe thats why my sonny doesnt eat much - for 36 hours before he was born - I barely ate :(

Sush said...

this is a nice way to sum up their tastes and stuff for us :)..

you have been awarded :).. please accept

Swati said...

ohh..cute cute cute pics..nice bright dresses.

i liked the new concept of rakha bandhan .. abt wife putting rakhi to your concept fair ..right ;-)..hehhehehheh

Ohh..even i am waiting to see if aryan will get my eating habits. Till now it doesnot seem so.