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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chicken Out

Went to the newly opened Java Green at Indira Nagar. Was badly in need (check the word) of juicy chicken snack and a brownie after working all the day on a cake concept presentation.
The guy insisted that I take a sandwich but I settled for a chicken wrap, picturing many pieces of chicken inside.
The tray arrived, nicely browned wrap cut attractively into 2 clean pieces.
1st anticipatory bite- hmm, onions.
2nd- onions again
The 1st piece was over in no time and I thought since I was focused on the TV I did not register the taste of chicken.
I pried open the 2nd piece and chanced upon a teeny weeny piece of chicken which I quickly removed and put it in my mouth to satisfy the urge of having chicken. It simply vanished inside my mouth. A girl needs a chicken big and substantial.
The 2nd portion also suffered the same fate. Still no flavour of chicken.
The server asked me for a feedback. I asked him where is the chicken in my chicken wrap.
"I am so sorry madam, please try our sandwich"
After a few no's I relented. A sandwich was packed for me. Complementary.
The brownie was good, a little dry but since it was served warm, it made up for it.
I went home after an hour in the gym, eagerly waiting to sample the free sandwich, the aroma inside my car tantalising me.
I reached home and tore open the brown paper packaging the sandwich. To my immense disappointment, the sandwich had not been toasted as was the photographer's sandwich- a delicious looking sandwich he was photographing for the newspaper. He even called a customer to pose along with his coffee.
I gingerly opened the sandwich to view the promised feast of chicken inside the sandwich. I could count some 5 or 6 teeny weeny pieces in a bed of coriander chutney, mayo and onions.

Conclusion & resolution- Never, visit Java Green


WhatsInAName said...

hmmm I havent tasted their chicken shicken as I am a veggie... but their Death By Chocolate rocks!
Its worth dying for :))

Fuzzylogic said...

Never been to Java Green but having visited Cafe Coffe day and tasting their sandwitch I can say they have many things in common!

the mad momma said...

you know up to their site if they have one. that will always teach them a lesson.

~nm said... I hate such disappointments..especially when it comes to food!!

Try complaining as Mad Momma said but if McDonald's doesn't do anything about their complaints I wonder if Java Green will!

Shiv said...

woh..Java green in indira nagar...lemme try it out wen am back!!!Kewl!!!

Lavs said...

I totally agree with you on the verdict abt java green. we once went to java green near besant nagar beach next to karaikudi. Ordered one plain sandwich...they served it so late that the taste was long gone. I do not know about non veg stuff but then their delay made sure that we never went back to that place!!!

How do we know said...

i missed a lot of pieces on ur blog.. and all apparently very good ones!

Itchingtowrite said...

MM- Done!!
H do we know- welcome back , thanks
whatsin a name- now u r tempting me
fuzzy logic- coffee day is much better than java green in terms of qty & flavour of chicken that comes thru in their sandwich
nm- after the complaint i got the free sandwich which was as bad. hey promised to suggest a recipe change for the wrap!! hi hopes
shiv- try it but i did wan u abt the qlty
lavs- try georgia at besant nagar- even java green will seem quicker

Cuckoo said...

I totally agree with you... Java Green ONLY if you dying of hunger!

Btw, the people you could call (who work with the Centralized Customer Complaints Team) are -
Shankarnarayanan: 044 - 3911 1198
Bhavani Shankar: 044 - 3911 1166
Hope you find them useful!