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Monday, September 24, 2007

Enquiry Service Anyone

Me- Can you please give me the number of HSBC office?
Enquiry- Madam do you want a loan?
Me- No, please give me the number
Enquiry- Madam, please give me your mobile/ e mail and I will send you an instant sms/ e mail
Me- I would prefer having the number right now (knowing fully well she will sms me the call centre number)
Enquiry- Madam an instant sms has been sent to your mobile, do you want the number of other banks who will give loans.
Me - I dont want a loan
Enquiry- Why mam? (what the f*&k)
Me-Can you please let me know the number, I am in a rush
Enquiry rattles of 3 numbers
Me- dial the first number- turns out to be the call centre number stored un my mobile. Dial the 2nd number, gritting teeth, Is this HSBC Bank?
2nd Number- Did you get this number from Enquiry
Me- Yes
2nd Number- What is the number you asked from enquiry
Frustrated Me- Are you HSBC bank or not
2nd number- no
Me slam the phone down.


Lavs said...

I have learnt to find out phone numbers remembering this tit-bit info. Mostly, you would only wish to call those banks with whom you already have a relationship-saving account, locker facility, loans, credit cards, debit cards. Most of thse debit and credit cards have call centre numbers printed on the reverse side. ATM receipts too have this info.

But if you had wanted to find out the phone number of a new bank (no relationship), then your route is the best. BTW, which enquiry service did you call? Just dial works fine for me...yes, they do irritate asking you for mobile and phone number. I always tell them that I am too poor to own a cellphone!!!

Cuckoo said...

I work with HSBC. Would you want me to take any complaint that you may have? I work in the credit cards team.

Timepass said...

Hi, just access
Yes, its the website of just dial but it functions like a normal search engine and so no questions to be faced...

Itchingtowrite said...

timepass/ lavs- just dial i did call. the net wasn't functioning that day
cucko- thanks for offering! i wanted to speak to the bank where i hold the account directly becoz my cheque had not been credited and i wanted to know why and the call centre was unable to give correct reasons. They repeatedly said they didn't hav the no of the branch. and i cudn't find it listed anywhere

Minka said...

Welcome to Just Dial Services - India's first talking yellow pages !! Only we don't stop talking .

~nm said...

Hahahaha...Minka said it very aptly!! very very aptly!!

Swati said...

Hahahaahha...I empathize with you :)

Just Like That said...

LOL and empathise with you and LOL LOL with Minka!

methodactor said...

I have lived this. Sometimes when these "agent smiths" put us on hold, and are tapping away at the keyboard, and I know what their next inane answer will be - I want to never call them again. :-( I just called them yesterday.