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Friday, September 07, 2007

The Legacy of My Blog

A year ago I was contemplating about updating the baby books for Ojas & Tejas. I religiously uploaded their pictures on Kodak Gallery and created monthly albums. Soon I came across blogging and with time my blog became a medium to update my family about the kids. It serves the purpose of recording every milestone or event or life stage connected with my kids and thereon I visualize it as a record book for not only my kids but also my family and the extended family. I have archived funny incidents to look up at posteriety and important events for the reference.
Well, why do this? Not only I but many in our blogging community will leave it as a gift for their kids... for the kids to understand the person we were at our hey days and the joys and otherwise of bringing them up. We wish to leave behind this legacy for our progeny and hope to live forever on the wide web of the internet. We immortalize each and every event connected to us, the kids, the family. We speak out our opinions and mature in front of all in our views, our style of writing and collective opinion. Our blog posts map our state of mind and the simple pleasures or vivid displeasures we have experienced.
In perspective, we are talking of gifting our kids their life story and the gift will be perhaps truly understood and appreciated some 20 years down the line. A long time, a long journey...
A person who gives a gift loves to see the look and anticipation in the eyes of the receiver and then the appreciation of it all. We are talking of a 2 decade wait to see and experience this simple pleasure of gifting.
That leaves me with another thought. Will I be able to continue full throttle with this gifting process until and much after the gift is handed over? Or will I leave gaps and unanswered questions? Will I lose steam mid way... we are talking of a lifelong commitment to blogging if we wish to leave behind a true record...Aren't we?


~nm said...

Yes..the idea behind these blogs is a lifelong commitment for sure..but who knows if we will be able to fulfill it or not.

We can only try and hope to succeed! Right? So just enjoy and do what you can, till you can!

Something to Say said...

oo... good question, itchy!!who knows when we will run out of steam...but until then..its a good way to connect with other moms, na?

Usha said...

As someone who started blogging after my son had left home to work in another city, my intention was to record my thoughts and ideas for my grand children who may not know me.
Of course it was also to share and reach out to like minded people - but blogging wasn't so big in 2003 and i did not imagine it was going to become this huge. Ok the point I am trying to make is, once your children are grown up, you will not have so much to write about them; you might write about life in general and the way the happenings affect you. It will still be an important legacy for your children.

Itchingtowrite said...

usha puts it in perspective for all of us new moms! but the writer/ blogger in us will surely find something to talk abt in terms of what the kids do apart from many other sundry things & life views. even at this stage, me or any other mom is not talking of their kids alone... there r posts that talk of other things too!!

Swati said...

Was this my untold story ???

Just Like That said...

Oh, I think we should just take each day as it comes and do the best we can..
And for as long as it lasts, I shall celebrate my online friends. And keep thinking of them and theirs, even after we lose contact.

Tharini said...

JLT : You said it. That's very much like how I feel too. Thanks Itchy..this was an introspective post.