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Friday, September 28, 2007

Autograph Please

Every single day, the Security personnel responsible for courier/ letter delivery comes to me atleast 4 times with his request for signing letters for people absent from their seat / travelling. I have repeatedly told him to come at 5.00 pm with the entire set of letters and I will sign them.

It is annoying when the entire day I am made to sign for letters that don't belong to me and secondly will not be opened by the addressee that day. I have been sweet, I have been rude but never yet had the heart to refuse to sign and turn the person away. He still does not get the hint. "Madam please, 1 signature, 2 minutes only." And this goes on for 4 times in a day.
Why can't anybody respect the other person's wishes to be left undisturbed.

Same goes for the odd job person in the complex who comes to me at all times and especially just before I am leaving for work to get signatures on bills. Inspite of being told that he has to come right after I reach home from office for such stuff.

Same for the maids who demand a RS 500/- advance right before I am going to office. I have passed a blanket rule that I will not pay any advance under any circumstances to the 2 maids. It is highly inconvenient to go to the ATM and get money to pay them advance every 10 days in such days of credit card dependence. All salary dispersal only at month end henceforth. A day after the rule is passed they demand for Rs 100 advance which I flatly & promptly refuse.


Sue said...

I keep grumbling about my maid but I guess I am lucky, all considered...

Swati said...

You are tagged.