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Monday, September 17, 2007

Tagged- Knack for Nicks?

That I don’t…
Still mentioning all the nicks we use, as per K’s Mom’s tag
1. Abbreviations- Eeshuu for Eshan & Aary for Aryamman, Teju for Tejas & Oju for Ojas
2. Horrible yet Typical nomenclature- Badku – Chutku further changed to Bakku- Chuttu/ Chukku and Badkan- Chutkan..all meaning elder and younger… I hate doing this yet I did it.
3. Luddan – Guddan- given by Nani
4. Sona/ Sonu, Goji berry, Gugu- given by Mamma
5. Chugga, Chidiya, Kitten, Billi ka bachcha

I think they call each other Chikaa, have often heard Ojas call Tejas by that name
Tejas calls Ojas Amaaaan (Ayamman) and Ojas calls Tejas Chuttu/ Eshuu


Kodi's Mom said...

Goji berry is lovable! so is chidiya :)

timepass said...

very cute names, but why billi ka baccha???

artnavy said...

billi ka bacha makes you a CAT hmmmm


Itchingtowrite said...

they look like kittens that's why!!

Swati said...

Chidiya and Kitten are sweet. Badkan and Chutkan are cute. Loved all the names.