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Friday, September 21, 2007

Caught in the Act

Ojas & subsequently Tejas covering a potato on the floor with a piece of paper and then lifting the potato via the paper... this act happens to be similar to what we do when there is a blob of shit on the floor.

Bite your Tongue
They clap and laugh and repeat "Oh Shit" after me. They are progressing really fast on their education. 2 weeks ago they learnt "stupid".

Privacy?? What's That?
If there is someone listening by my bedroom window, they will know when I am changing- both gleefully and intelligently point and say -Duddu. Come to think of it, they even point at themselves and say the same thing.

Hold me Not, Touch me Not
Dadda cannot even lay a finger on me. Ojas hits him for doing that.

Survival Instinct
When there is a fight, each one wants to be the last one to have struck the do they know that the one who get's the last word is the winner?


Just Like That said...

Totally hilarious. Hugs to Ojas and Tejas.

Timepass said...

HAHAHAHA LOL..So its proved once again that kids learn the bad things first and fast..

~nm said...

hahahaha...what a duo you have out there!! So cute and so imaginative!!

aargee said...

very interesting!

Still searching said...

Heheheh, very interesting! Must be very entertaining to observe kids around the house!

Alan said...

Why are there blobs of shit on the floor?

Fuzzylogic said...

LOL at the duddu pointing:)It's surprising at the way they pick up things that we fervently wish they don't,isn't it?there can never be a dull moment with these cute dynamic duo around I'm sure:)

Itchingtowrite said...

alan- that is becoz of the following reasons-
1. as u must have gathered by my posts that they dont wear diapers at home only shorts.. they r not yet potty trained
2. I am trying to train them and follow with the child potty behind them yet these bums sit on them and then come out of the pot and do it on the floor. so the house is full of (deliberate?) accidents

Swati said...

haahahah..totally lovable and shweet ..:)

Kodi's Mom said...

LOL!!! at changing time! in that respect - O & T have Kodi for partner in crime.
ouch @ the fighting!!

WhatsInAName said...

sweeeeeeet one!