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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Adult Conversation

I am dying for a proper conversation. Conversation in my own colloquial Hindi.
A day in the life of my voice box would be recorded as pretty drab. All full of corporate English, Baby language and functional Tamil flavoured with Hindi and real life English. All lack of real conversation compensated with talking to self and planning out the blog posts. To a compulsive talker like me, not talking is a mean feat to achieve. A person who can manage to talk your ears off, not having a good conversation opportunity is a shame.
That is why I was so happy during my 3 day trip to Delhi. For starters, FM Hindi was available on demand. I could understand what people were talking around me and with my keen ears and special skills in eavesdropping (it’s hereditary), make it EVE’s dropping – men can hardly hear when being talked in the face, forget them being able to hear on the sly, I could really appreciate snatches of conversation around me and derive pervert pleasure out of it. For once I could chat up in Hindi with relatives up to 2 am in the morning and still going strong. I just talked, talked, and talked the entire day and sleep was a time waster. Probably that is the reason why I survived the long separation from Ojas & Tejas. For once I was not in a hurry to get back and take charge.
In a situation that I am in, my office conversation is limited to official with very little scope of office gossip. With the only other colleague in Marketing on maternity leave, my source of gossip has gone. More than anything else, a woman needs to have a mahila mandali of gossip mongers, it is not much fun with guys who focus on the facts and get over with it. We need to know the gory and graphic details and that is where the fun lies. I find myself starved of such juicy office gossip and for the first time in my working life, I am among the last ones to get to know stuff! Networking is down to bare minimal.

Conversation with hubby has been postponed to when he takes a break from his mobile phone or when I chuck it into the sea. Come to think of it, the toilet bowl is closer!

So I am left with supporting Airtel. Calling up people and talking their ears off!


Minka said...

Aw !!! Poor you - no gossip partner and certainly no hindi in Chennai. strange you should bring this up. Yesterday I went to Saga on TTk Road to check the place ( bloody expensive !). Kashmiri guys there absolutely didn't let me go once he heard me talk on the phone with the hubby in Hindi. I was ushered three floors up and down accompanied with non-stop hindi commentary ,showing me the wares I had no intention of buying.

Just Like That said...

LOL! Ah, the miseries of an office without idle talk and gossip.
I empathise. Glad you had your talkathon :-D

Swati said...

I am with you , I also need someone to talk in HINDI ...PLEASE

Monika said...

i can totally relate to it... though i have created a bunch like this around me in blore too :)

WhatsInAName said...

lol :)
When I joined this team, I was the only woman in the group. Oh I know what you are going through! Now I do have 1 co-talker but ye dil maange more!

The Visitor said...

The pleasure of hearing all around you talking in your mother tongue/native language - there are no words to describe it - it has to be felt. :)

Something to Say said...

o I feel for you sister. not being able to speak in hindi. its sucha relief when you can speak in your mother tongue with someone

nz said...

I hear ya ! Whats an office without someone to gossip with !! when I was working we were a group of three Indians in our office and loved talking in Hindi.

Hey, tried to comment on your last few posts but it wont let me - strange.