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Monday, August 27, 2007

Travel Post

"19th July- My first post drafted on board a flight."
Traveling to Delhi by Jet. My row is vacant and I have the luxury of drafting my posts for the week. From the right is the sun streaming. I happened to glance to the left and saw an interesting sight for the 1st time. A circular patch of rainbow smiling through the clouds! A little hazy and getting smudged from time to time because of the cloud movement. For once I thought I was hallucinating. I wanted to check with one of the crew whether (s)he could see it but felt too silly to ask. Wish I had a camera to capture that.
A moment later I looked out again. I could not believe I have been twice lucky. I saw a tiny Indian aircraft speeding past in the opposite direction, at a much lower altitude!

Updated to add
Unfortunately I could not find myself near a net connection to post. Had a rewarding trip to Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore. Meeting the entire set of my clients at one go - many for the first time. A client commented- so when did you join? And when I answered, he said, yes that's when the quality of presentations went up drastically! Coming from an extremely cynical client, that was big!
We saw the CEOs of two of the companies. Most unassuming!
Did a lot of shopping in Gurgaon. My long time wish of shopping in Lajpat Nagar got fulfilled. Picked up a few patialas and clothes for Ojas & Tejas. Could have done more but for lack of space and the fact that I was travelling to other cities.
And I had completely forgotten that on 10th August I completed a year of blogging! Thanks Bheja fry for reminding me of that.
181 pots completed excluding this one- not bad by my standards!


Sunita said...

Seems like you have been doing a terrific job all around, the job, kids and the blog.
Hearty Congratulations!!! not a mean feat by any standards.

aargee said...

Congrats! on completing 1year with your blog! and you are doing a great job, managing work, home , twin-kids! Great!

timepass said...

Happy Birthday to ur Blog..I am amazed at ur energy levels as inspite of a full time job and twins, u have the time to blog...

Tharini said...

Congrats Itchy! Happy 1 year plus now. Keep going...

Kodi's Mom said...

wow! thats excellent..the 181 - I could barely manage a hundred. and lovely sight that rainbow in the sky must have been. happy 1st bday, blog!

the mad momma said...

congratulations!!! and you are tagged.

The Visitor said...

Hi Itchy - Happy anniversary!
I still remember the first post of yours that I read - Two women and a man or something like that.
Arty would also be having her anniversary shortly, if it is not over already.
I didn't keep track of mine, but I guess that it would've just passed.

Just Like That said...

Happy Anniversary and many many happy returns!:)

How do we know said...

Happy Anniversary and here's to many, many more posts!

WhatsInAName said...

Congratulations! :)
May you have many more!

Alan said...

I've seen the circular rainbows several times. They are pretty cool.

I see planes pass by all the time, which is OK. However, when we pass directly through a contrail I always wonder, how close was that?

artnavy said...

am in delhi trow- hope to pick up some patialas as well- will callu

and CONGRATS on one yr and the compliments on the ppt

Anonymous said...

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