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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Factual Fiction- Punishment by Traffic Light

The troll on the road nudges past you forcing you almost to the kerb.
He is forced to stop at the red light almost immediately. Both of you end up neck and neck.
To make matters worse, the moment the light turns green, you zip past and his gear is stuck!


Fuzzylogic said...

Sweet karmic revenge!Glad he got what he deserved.

Something to Say said...

yay!!!! i luv such stories

Just Like That said...

Trolls exist everywhere... and they always get their just desserts! :-D

Honey Bee said...

It happened to me... It happens!

~nm said...

I love it! I just love it! :D

Serves all the showoffs/trolls right!

artnavy said...

i can see that smug grin on your face...LOL

caught up on all your old posts- loved kiddo trying to put a daiper on you- what next!!

Alan said...

This happens all the time. Traffic is fairly light when I go to work in the early morning hours. Some clown will zip by and get stuck at the next light. I watch the cross street light and the pedestrian lights and pace myself so I hit the intersection at full speed just as the light turns green. The clown will drive like crazy in order to zip by once again, only to repeat the scenario all over. Finally the road narrows and he's still stuck behind me. Hee Hee.