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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Holistic Weight Management- The Exercise Regimen

Weighty One Liner
You know it is time to exercise when...
Cousin R of 14 years was sitting shirtless and immensly enjoying his food.
Cousin A of 2 years pointing at him- Yaay Mamma Dudu!

Weight Training
Typically trains large muscle group to focused small muscle group.
After the basic warm up, it is a good idea to do 10-15 minutes treadmill to mobilize the fat burning.
Start with the lower body exercises focusing on inner thighs, outer thighs, knees, leg raises with machines and weights.
Intersperse with stair climbing for 2 minutes or 15-20 flights. This supposedly helps in maximum fat burning.
Continue with upper body exercises like back, chest, arms, biceps, triceps- with machines & weights.
The method would be hold, repetitions of 15 counts and pulsing (quick repetitions of 10 counts). Repeat the entire set twice or more as directed. More the weight or the holding, the greater the resistance. Concentrate on breathing deeply and holding the stomach in while doing the exercises. The movements have to be slow when weights are being used. This increases the resistance.
End with cool down and stretches.
Me back after a 15 day break. The ankle is still not behaving but the doctor said I could do the exercises carefully. He recommended a 7 minute ultrasound therapy for 10 days which I did not bother to take. He claims I did not give enough rest to the ankle hence the healing is not complete....
Rest!! You wish!! I could do anything to stay curled up with the Harry Potter 7. Did think about bunking office but for once I have decided to go slow on the book, savour the moments only because I know how it is going to end. Having read the wiki summary already.
Shamefacedly I proclaim I went for the pirated version on Sunday- Rs 300/- and they have done a damn neat job if it. Personally I feel guilty buying this pirated stuff, the author not benefitting and all but i allow myself that crime. And I absolve myself of the guilt by promising to buy the original set for the kids when they grow up!
On another note, do libraries pay royalty ot the authors they stock?


Lavs said...

Oh did I tell you that I am nowhere closer to joining a gym. Either the gym was very bad or it was too far from my place to commute. Still keeping my fingers crossed and my hunt continues. If I am not wrong, royalties are included in the pricing of the book. But yes, if the books have been bought second hand/pirated, then I guess no royalties are paid.

Hip Grandma said...

Don't ignore the docs advice.Rest your ankles properly unless you want complications later.poor ankles hold your dody weight and balace it too.Need some amount of respect.

Fuzzylogic said...

Take care of those ankles. Go easy on the exercise. I twisted mine once and the pain made me see stars for days:)
Certainly kick back and enjoy the HP read. I reread the whole series and it's just magical. I'm not aware whether libraries do pay royalty to authors. That's an interesting question.

Sue said...

Libraries don't pay any royalties. They usually buy the book at full price and the author gets her share from that.

Rest your ankle. I ignored a knee pain and it turned chronic.

The Visitor said...

Hey Itchy - I thought gym was out for some time?

Krishnapriyacr said...

Hi itchy...
Is your ankle problem due to weight? I had a severe knee issue due to my increased weight after pregnancy and the ultrasound physiotherapy really really helped. After the knee got alright, I began exercises to reduce weight! Till then it was miserable! btw..its al old post of, hows the ankle now?