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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ps and Queues

Scene 1
Me at 2nd position in the queue at Reliance Fresh outlet.
A guy and a girl come over. The guy has lot of veggies / Chocolates gathered in his arms. He placed it on the billing counter. I knew what was on his mind. I quickly put my shopping basket on the counter. The billing guy started billing the other person’s items. I told him “would you please bill mine first since it is very obvious I was waiting in the queue”. The guy quietly billed mine. The lady sniggered and passed some comments which I couldn’t quite well catch.
Mind you, I voluntarily allow people with 1 or 2 items to go ahead and get theirs billed before mine. What irked me that day was that these people behaved as if it was their birth right to jump the queue and be first. They could have lined up behind me and needn’t have created this scene. Or they could have politely asked if they were in such a rush to catch some train or flight!
This total lack of manners appalls me. Even school kids have more sense. They know how to take turns and use the swing or how to wait in queue to get into the bus or say please and thank you. As adults we tend to forget the basics.
Scene 2
2 years ago we were waiting as a parking slot at Poompuhar was getting vacated. Just when we were attempting to park, a Qualis cut us from the left and moved in. I was carrying that time and normally was scared of confronting people at that condition but don’t know what happened to me, I just walked out and told the driver that we were waiting to park. My God! The whole bunch of those inside began yelling at me. Finally the security chased them off that area threatening them with police and all. I was shaking for quite some time at my foolishness in attempting to get them see reason especially when I was carrying and was obviously on a weaker wicket!
Scene 3
I remember in my hostel days, I was waiting to buy the ticket. Would you believe it, a policeman shoved his way through? I told him off saying you are the one who has to guard the law and not break it. You should protect us from miscreants but you are being he culprit. Sheepishly that guy removed his large hands from the ticket counter and allowed me to be first!
Scene 4
I was trying to buy some cakes from Nilgiri’s counter. A father, mother, son trio were waiting for their bill. The 3 of them were hogging the entire space of the small counter in such a way that nobody can come near the display and make their selection. After all it takes a while to choose from the assortment to cakes & snacks! I don’t know what is the compulsion for the entire family to gather at the counter that too for the bill? As if they are the only customers and nobody else matters. Why can’t they just back off? That too after I made 2-3 polite circles around them and obvious attempts to break the inner circle. They just looked at me and turned away, and I somehow I found it even more difficult to look through the gaps between them.
I don’t know why nobody wants to be 2nd. Everyone wants to be first as far as self gratification is concerned. Why not be the first to volunteer for something worthwhile? Why not be the first to speak out where it matters? We keep our traps shut that time but when it comes to self, oh we break queues; we curry favours from everyone starting the door man to receptionist to get in first. Try observing people in a doctor’s waiting room! The way they follow the receptionist to be able to get in faster on some pretext or the other!
Oh, well as rants go, this one will keep going if I don’t stop it!
Take it up as a tag! Share your worst "ps & qs" related memories!!


~nm said...

Ahh these people...what do I say about them. They do the same things to others which irritates them when otehrs do to them. Hippocrites!

nz said...

they annoy the hell out of me - just cant stand them.

Just read Ojas Tejas update - so so so very cute !

Asha said...

you spoke out my mind.. i don't understand whether these people don't think or don't want to think..

Usha said...

Yes, I have to do this too so many times wherever there is a queue. The worst was when this guy jumped the queue and landed just after me and when I objected he tells me, "you are anyway before me what is your problem?" How can you fight everyone else's battle when they don't even care!"

WhatsInAName said...

I hate them too.
I find myself shaking in anger at these people. And yes, I pick up fights with them too!

Something to Say said...

yeah what do you do with people who jump queues??? at a railway ticket conter - one with alooong queue - a woman asked me - if I'd buy her ticket. SO she neednt wait. I asked her - why - do you think the other people waiting in the queue are idiots? get to the back of the line. Next thing I know - person 4 places behind me offers to buy her ticket. I was sooo pissed!!!!

Lavs said...

I share your feelings on such people who have no manners. Most often, I find educated and rich people jumping lines at book stores and music shops. If I can have my say, then I would make moral science and polite manners tests part of board exams.

Poppins said...

Nice rant. I've always confronted such idiots too.. It's extremely annoying when people break rules or queues, as if the rest of us following them are some sort of stupid people.

I think this need to stand first in line is ingrained in our heads, so much so even on vacation, I saw people fighting to get to a boat ride first (that boat comes back every 3 minutes to collect new passengers, still there's a tussle and cutting of lines !)

Still searching said...

Oh my God! I've had this exact same kind of confrontation with people at counters couple of times too! And its most exasperating... I dont leave a chance to give them a piece of my mind! Hate these kind of people! Its someting I can never do myself!

Honey Bee said...

Itchy, every time I hop in hear, ou make me think and wonder at my absurd, stupid posts...These are the things even I feel anxious about...

timepass said...

I too faced the same issue of people breaking queues at the supermarket. Dont know when people will understand the importance of following rules.

lumi said...

I'm not trying to be umm stereotypical here but many Indians seem to have a problem with the concept of waiting in an orderly queue for their turn, even in the US. Frankly I didn't have any problem while visiting India, often times a shopkeeper would try to jump me to the head of the queue even if others had been waiting. I always insisted that whoever was first be helped ahead of me. In the US oftentimes whoever is waiting on people will tell queue jumpers politely that there was someone ahead of them. If they don't someone else usually will.