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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Factual Fiction- Illness

The friend mentioned that she had a mysterious pain at the back of her head.
She started worrying. Wishing well for her friend.
“May be it is because of the root canal treatment I am undergoing.”
“Yes, it could be because of that. May be it is that only. I am sure it is because of the tooth problem. Any tooth or ear problem often affects the neighbouring regions. Check with the doc, it must be that.”
Her mind was at rest. After attributing the ailment to a cause.


Anonymous said...

i beleive that the concept of religion came up for us to get a reason to attribute to whats happening around us.
good post...

Hip Grandma said...

Toothache can be the severest of all aches and does involve all neighboring areas.But pain at the back of one's head needs to be attended to.Ask you friend to have a check up.

nz said...

most of the time the ailments are actually in the head or a way to get some attention. I have a old relative who has been given a clear chit after all sorts of tests by the doctors and she still complains that she has a pain or there.

Having said that, I think your friend should get it checked once, shouldnt really ignore the aches and pains if they are persistent.

~nm said...

Ailments of the body or the ailments of the mind? :D

WhatsInAName said...

I guess she is as scared of a visit to doc as me :)