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Monday, July 30, 2007

Ojas & Tejas Update

1. Ojas has responded to teasing in a not very sportive manner. He broke his pencil into 2 and I laughed at him and began to rough him up a little bit. He gave me a tight slap on my right eye. He spent a few minutes pacifying me when I began to cry. He and Tejas were fighting over a particular cloth diaper and he lost the battle. Hubby teased him and Ojas gave him a good beating in response. Need to watch out before provoking him.
2. Both have developed a sudden interest in fitting the puzzle pieces in the right slot. They know what goes where in their transport trays (2 nos), animal tray and Alphabet tray. Hey don’t like if any piece is missing and bug us to find them. Many times during the day, Tejas can be seen moving from one room to the next with the Alphabet tray and pieces in his hand and a few pieces clenched between his teeth. (this one is going to be a multi-tasker like his mom). Ojas likes to encourage Tejas and direct him from far when he working on the puzzle. He gives a hearty clap and wah wah when Tejas slots them correctly.
3. Ojas tried to put a diaper for me. He asked me to sit on the diaper and when I did so, he got annoyed as he could not see the ends of the diaper for securing it.
4. Tejas was pleasantly surprised watching a just taken-off plane from the car window on airport road.
5. They have got fairly settled on their sleeping routine. Both sleep on either side of me with their feet on my face preferably and milk bottle in their mouth.
6. They have started wearing slippers at home, albeit for short stretches. Got some good ones – footfun from liberty with a strap behind to secure it. Also a pair of bubblegummers from Bata which they love. Unfortunately I am yet to find another pair. I am trying to get them into this habit. I hate seeing them walk bare foot collecting all the dust. Infact picked up a couple of good sandals from Foot Fun for Rs 250 and their usual Kittens from Metro for Rs 450.
7. Tejas has got into the habit of selecting his and Ojas’ dresses for the day. Infact sometimes during the day, if he feels like it, he picks up another dress and asks for a change. Fast becoming an extreme clothes horse like his Dad, and his Mom’s genes is not helping either. Ojas is also picking up this habit now. They love new clothes and refuse to take them off once worn.
8. When Tejas cries, Ojas calls him, “Bah Bah Bah” and then tries to pacify him by running his hands or feet on Tejas’ face.
9. They can stand and touch their toes to nose.
10.They play ring a ring a roses and try to sing Rojes, Rojes, hatha hatha (Hasha whoosha) and then sit on the floor.
11.Anything on TV is either Cartooo (cartoon) or Kaate (will bite/ scary). Yesterday Dhoom II and Harry Potter last week got a fair share of such comments
12.They have picked up this nasty habit of chewing on cloth. When caught, Ojas tries to cover his head and Tejas tries to clean his ears with it.
13.Both lift their arms to get the deo sprayed.
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Something to Say said...

how sweet.... clothes horse already? we've just seen this happen too - sonny has just about begun telling us - what he does not want to must be such fun to see the 2 of them together...

A Little Light said...
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A Little Light said...

Two little smarty pants!

Fuzzylogic said...

" He asked me to sit on the diaper and when I did so, he got annoyed as he could not see the ends of the diaper for securing it" ROFL!!
Aren't they a dual bundle of fun:)
Now when is the pic of them in that brand new kurtas going to be up?:)

Suki said...

He tried to put a diaper on you?! LMAO!

I love these awesomely intelligent and funny kids of yours!
More piccy! More piccy!

Moppet's Mom said...

LOL! He tried to put a diaper on you! Moppet's big into doing everything for me - combs my hair, wipes my face, even puts lotion on, but hasn't got to diapering me yet! :-)

Great update.

Kodi's Mom said...

like M's M said - I'm used to lotion being smeared on me, clothes being picked on me ...but diapering, not yet ;) that has to be the cutest :) touching toes to nose - you've got a very atheletic duo there!

WhatsInAName said...

lol at diapers :)

lumi said...

Too cute. Brings back fun memories, how time passes so quickly. One comment shouldn't let the boys sleep with a milk bottle, falling to sleep with milk residue in the mouth is horrendous on baby teeth because the lactose in milk is a sugar.