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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Waiting for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

Call me nuts but though I got into Harry Potter a little late in the day, I have read every single one of them multiple times. Sometimes I thank God for making me discover the series late. Otherwise the suspense would have killed me. I got to enjoy 5 books in quick succession that way. Call me silly but at times I have found myself wishing that such things really existed.
I wish Tejas & Ojas grow to like and enjoy the books eventually.
What I really like about the books and admire Rowling for, is that each element in the books are supposed to fit in like pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle. Whether it is the so called “gleam of triumph in Dumbledore’s eyes in ‘The Goblet of Fire’” or the death of Sirius Black not being a mere tear jerker introduced to make Harry’s woes even more profound. Rowling has got logic for every incident, name and character she has used. The legends and beasts she has employed in the book are solidly backed so no wonder there is a book written on the background of the legends cleverly hidden in the Harry Potters.
Just to recall a few of my favourite episodes in the books, apart from the fight scenes-

1. Philosopher’s stone- Dumbledore dishing out points in the end to Gryffindor and the Chess scene.
2. Chamber of Secrets-Harry’s encounter with Riddle’s Memory
3. Prisoner of Azkaban- Lupin’s lessons with Harry on creating Patronus, the one in which Hermione discovers Lupin is a werewolf.
4. Goblet of Fire- Harry & Cedric decide to take the cup together- loved them playing fair game, Rita Skeeter’s secret getting out
5. Order of the Pheonix- Umbridge and McGonagall pitted together, discovery of Dumbledore’s Army.
6. Half Blood Prince- Everytime Harry uses the Potions book and Hermione’s reaction to it.
Well, right now, I wished I had paid more attention on the details and therefore could have drafted my own thesis on the whys and what next and what may happen in the next. But, I read the books more for the story than anything else. Not to try to find out gaps that would be answered in the subsequent books. Not to try and identify potential spoilers and do a lot of guesswork on what will happen next. But as each book got launched, the heat and excitement seems to catch on and I find myself wondering what happens in the next book.

Here’s my wish list for book 7 apart from Dumbledore & Sirius comeback-
1. Neville gets to use the Crucatius curse on the Death eaters that tormented his parents, his parents get cured and he gets to do something impressive
2. Dolores Umbridge gets her punishment – not death- something that she lives to remember and get tormented.
3. Snape getting redeemed- I wish Dumbledore was right about him and he is indeed my favourite villain character. Sharp witted, sharp tongued and talented.
4. Another wizard Chess equivalent from Ron. He always seems to get overshadowed in brains by Hermione and talent by Harry.
5. More of McGonagall
6. Lupin avenges Greyback
7. Do something about Draco please, he is so pompous and sure of himself.

That makes me look so sadistic right!

Go on, tell me what your favourite scenes are and your wish list for book 7.
Which character do you identify yourself with most and why?

It’s Hermione for me- always in the library, worried about homework and being proper in school, being ready with complete notes for exams.

Edited to add- I wonder what reason Rowling has to make Dumbledore mess up some things inspite of being the greatest- whether it is the way he misjudges Harry by not telling him what's going on- the order, prophesy etc, Occlumency lessons, not being around when Harry needs him the most and eventually dying!


artnavy said...

not allowing the ambulance through is heartless!!

i did know u were such a potter fan...

Collection Of Stars said... too. I am a big Harry Potter fan and like you, started late. I read all the 5 books in a span of 2 weeks when I was pregnant with KT. All my friends would tell me that the amount of Harry Potter I was reading, I would have a daughter just like Hermoine. They were almost correct ;)

Collection Of Stars said...

Hey, forgot to add - am enjoying solving the puzzles on your page :)

Minka said...

Yaaay ! Can't wait for July 21st. I just hope I am not the only aging adult standing in line with screaming teenagers in Odyssey.

My fav is Neville and Snape. I do hope you're right about Snape. I really like him and the last book left me thinking about him.

Just Like That said...

hehehe all the Potter fans are delurking!that was a nice post, and different from all the pottermania doing the rounds.

Collection Of Stars said...

Hey, I have taken up your tag :)

Kodi's Mom said...

Ron for me. Goofy, silly, but always dependable :)

James Bond movies have to be seen for their gadgets; each HP book has to be read for its elaborate magical contraptions/creatures . my favorites:
1. the pensieve - what a fantastic way to store memory. throw out the camera and the blogs!
2. maradaur's map - no mapquest can come close!!
3. the magic mirror in the first book - what is it called - that shows you your dreams...

agree with you - JKR has a reason for putting everything in. and I find her name choices v. interesting sirius, like the star.

pardon the mile-long comment, but your excellent post commands it!

The Visitor said...

Itchy - That was fabulous! I sure cant create such a list.
To my knowledge, no other thing (person, place, event, object, whatever) has received such a world wide attention as HP.
JKR rocks.
See the links in Kathambamaalai Courtesy- Boo.
particularly the second one. Dont worry about the tamil /ignore.

Reg. who I identify with - Hmmm.. I dunno, maybe Ginny. And among the adults maybe, Ron's parents.

Tharini said...

Th main crusader for me. Harry it is. I feel for how tormented a boy he is and his loneliness and always being set apart from the rest. Its touching.

I just watched Order of the Phoenix on Friday and felt it was rather disjointed on screen. Have to read the book to understand a lot of things. I am also fascinated by the whole Prophecy thing, and the way in which Voldemort controls Harry's mind.

Another one of my fave. characters are the twins....always upto some mischief and creating many a light moment in the story.

Wish list : I want to see how the romance between Ron and Hermoine evolves. ;)

Tharini said...

Btw...on which page no. of the Bloggers' Choice Awards is your site listed? Tried looking for it to vote, but cudn't find it.

Poppins said...

Capital Capital. My fav is Hermoine..!

Just Like That said...

Sonny boy is ill, and so I couldn't complete my comment yesterday.
Am back in office today, so here's the rest:P

I simply loved Book 3- the Azkaban one. All of the scenes in it were thrilling... it is to me the best of the HP series.

My wish list- I hope Harry doesn't die. After all, he has to be best man when Ron and Hermione get married

I do hope Snape IS evil. There has to be something to Harry's and Sirius' instinctive dislike and distrust of the man.

And I hope that Dumbledore comes back - such a smart cookie as him, to go the way he did? Almost laughable, if it weren't so distressing. Of course it has to be some ruse cooked up in that massive brain of his.

I identify myself with Ron the most- A normal, immensely likeable boy (girl) next door, not as distinguished as his peers, but in times of need, he's up there with the rest of them delivering the goods.

artnavy said...

my comment shld read- i did NOT know u were such a potter fan

i adore Ron, followed by hagrid

i find Hermione a tad irritating at times

and yes i really hope dumbledore comes back

B o o said...

Last night, I dreamt that Sirius is back and Harry is calling "Sirius, sirius" with an absolutely excited voice. Im sure I woke up when I was muttering sirius' name myself! Now, does that tell you what a big fan I am! Who is nt by the way? :)
I love Harry to bits. His pain and sorrow breaks my heart and I want to give him a big hug whenever hes sad. I hope Ashu gets a letter from Hogwarts when she turns 11 in spite of her muggle parents! ;)

apu said...

wow. thats a fantastic list! My wish is for Sirius to come back, for Hagrid to have some sort of "happy ending" - and - maybe one fantastic final end fight scene where Harry kills Voldemort

Suni said...


Commenting for the first time on your blog. I had to... a huge Harry Potter fan that i am...:)
like you i started on harry potter a little late...i devoured the first four books in three consecutive days...and had waited impatiently for the next two to come...and now i just cant wait for 21st to arrive.
My fav book is the fifth one. I just love the scenes with Umbridge and Mcgonnagal and of course needless to mention...the flight of Fred and George...
As for my wishlist..
1. I hope Harry remains "The boy who lived".
2. I hope Snape turns out to be on Harry's side.
3. And would be good if sirius returns.
sorry about the loooong comment. Will stop now. :)

the mad momma said...

yeah.. top of my wishlist is Sirius somehow returning. Harry needs some family.

and i think i'm slowly falling for Snape -must point to some latent evil streak within me.

lumi said...

I love the HP series even though I came late to it as well by way of my daughter. Ran out of books to read on a trip and borrowed her Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (the marketing wizards thought that the US market would buy something with Philosopher in the title)

1. I hope Snape turns back to the good side, but I don't think he will given what happened in #6 and his using Harry as a foil to get back at Harry's father for treating him poorly when they were at Hogwarts.

2. I hope that Harry, Ron, and Hermione remain alive 'til the end. I think it will be Mr. Weasley who goes in this installment.

3. I wish that Cedric Diggory's death is avenged.

4. That good will triumph over evil.

artnavy said...

i hope Lumi is wrong about mR Weasley

Poppins said...

I did your tag !

The Inquisitive Akka said...

I always tell my niece I am buying HER the book although the truth is that I finish it first and then post it to her:)
I sure hope Harry doesn't die!