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Monday, July 02, 2007

नाक कटी / Nose Cut

मैं अपने भाई से- मेरा लेटेस्ट लेख पढा?
भाई- क्यों, अखबार है क्या, जो ताज़ा खबर पढना चाहिए ?
(मेरा पहला हिंदी लेख!)

Me to my brother R- Did you read my latest post?
Brother- Why is it a newspaper that I should read the latest news everyday?
(My first Hindi post!)


Suki said...

oops... naak to kat gayee indeed! :P

Thanks for commenting yourself! :)

Kalpana said...


Something to Say said...

badiya....shudh hindi mein pehle post ki hardik badhaiyan....