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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What lengths people go to annoy a pregnant woman

1. Tell you not to tell anyone about the pregnancy until 3 months are over- well I have told you, why can’t I tell anyone else
2. Worse still, they do it for you- flash your news to the world
3. Ask loudly in a crowd- How many months?
4. Wonder looking at your tummy- you look as if you can deliver anytime
5. Always focus on your tummy while talking to you
6. Looks like it is a boy as the tummy is outwards/ Looks like it is a girl – when they did it for me I almost laughed out loud- especially those who did not know I was carrying twins- they could be right either way.
7. Touch your tummy without asking to feel the baby
8. You don’t have edema? Wait till next month, you will get it. They almost rejoiced when my feet began to swell.
9. You are not having nausea? It will come, wait and watch.
10. You must do more exercise- like sweep & mop the floor for easy delivery – (irrespective of whether the doc advised bed rest)
11. Prescribe what you must eat and what you must not to ensure getting a fair child.
12. This one tops- sit with the wife in the gynecologist’s waiting room and never vacate the seat for another pregnant woman.


~nm said...

ITW, how can you forget everyone telling you how gory or painful or easy their deliveries were?? How can you? :P

Premalatha said...

add this:
Me (innocently saying for the sake of saying something, when asked about pregnancy) - 1. I am sleeping all the time. 2.I am having pain here. 3. I having pain there.
The questioner who is also recently experienced - you are sitting at home doing nothing but thinking about your pregnancy, so you are bound to get sleep/pain-here/pain-there!!!

Noodlehead said...

good one :) i agree with shud add the ones who insist on educating you about labor pain or the horrors of a c-section!

Something to Say said...

I agree. I agree. I agree. And mmost of it - is done by other moms - who've also been thru similar experiences and shud therefore know better.

Still searching said...

Haha... got to beware of these people! Unfortunately, they're everywhere :(

rebel said...

sit with the wife in the gynecologist’s waiting room and never vacate the seat for another pregnant woman.

OMG! People do that?

WhatsInAName said...

lol :)
That was too good a list!
I am also amazed how easily women forget their own times of pregnancy and lecture others :)