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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Factual Fiction- Nose Digger

You need to talk to him. You get up from your seat and walk towards the cabin.

You can see him busy with his disgusting hobby.

You retrace your steps immediately. You give him sometime to get over with it.

You come back after 5 minutes. You are thankful that he is writing something.

You get in and speak to him, careful that you do not give him an opportunity to shake hands with you or touch your book/ pen. You are not even looking at him while talking since you are so vigilant about not touching any stray nose boogers rolled away on the desk.


~nm said...

Hahaha and eewwwwwwww...yes..both at the same time! :D

But I don't see even 0.001% of fiction in it! Have seen so many people with such habits and what you wrote describes the exact reactions that I've!

Love your factual fiction posts :D

WhatsInAName said...

Same goes for scratchers too! Yuck :)

Suki said...

Heya! Thanks for leaving the comment :).

Now, here's how you widen the sidebar.
1. Go to "Edit Template" - "Edit HTML".
2. The language is CSS code, don't freak.
3. Do a Ctrl+F("Find on page") search for "content wrapper"
4. You'll find something like this:
#content-wrapper {
width: 800px;

Change the value of the width as desired.
5. A little farther down, you find this:
#sidebar-wrapper {
margin-right: 14px;
width: 240px;

Increase the width again.
6. Cross your fingers, hope for the best! :P
7. If it doesn't work, lemme know please.

Hope that helps :).
- Suki.

Lavs said...

My ex-manager was known for his nose fiddlings.Yuck guy!

artnavy said...

we know who u r referring to dont we?? LOL!!

loved the pics in the other posts

Suki said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Just like that said...

Itchy, Eeewwwww!!!! boogers indeed!

Suki said...

Email me the code! What you waiting for?

(Secret - I'm no biggie into programming, just that I can recognise a relevant tag when i see one. The real programming amateur is the one at . I'll ask him to help me if I need it. :P )

Something to Say said...

yuckie yuckie yuckie

lumi said...

My mum used to call it "digging for gold" and it's probably one of the grossest personal habits people indulge in while out in public. I have an office mate who digs and needless to say we have a stockpile of Lysol and Clorox wipes on hand for anything he touches.

utbtkids said...

I have lots of imaginary things running around in my head. I feel put off by lots of things. I hate spitters, I have always felt like throwing up when I hear/people spit, see spit somewhere. If in the middle of my lunch/dinner, if for some vauge reason I remember something yucky, thats it. I can't eat any more. I only watch the waves in the beach, I don't swim(not that I am good at it). I used to(I am conciously weaning myself of this) have a thing against library books. I know people take books to the toilet with them and I start imagining the places the book might have been to!

Thanks for adding a new thing to my list. I don't think I can borrow pens/pencils any more. If I use anti bacterial gel to clean my hands after I shake hands with some one, will the person feel offended?! May be they must make pants with a secret compartment to hold antibacterial gel. It looks like you are putting your hands in the pocket casually, but in reality you are cleaning your

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