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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yuck Yuck! Nose Diggers Ahoy!

STATUTORY WARNING- Ok guys, here is a yucky post. Read only if you can stomach it & promise you won’t think I am an ick person…

I have done intensive research on the fine art of nose digging. People dig their nose as if they were doing normal things like sneezing or coughing. With all due respect to views otherwise, this really yucks me. I remember reading somewhere that nose picking is quite therapeutic and de-stressing. Anyways, my observations-

1. The Hidden Agenda- holds the newspaper with one hand, hides his face completely behind it and digs with the other hand
2. The Sculptor- digs out the boogies, rolls it between the finger and thumb to create various shapes
3. The Sportsman- Makes the boogie into balls and rolls it around
4. The Public Display Artist- Can pick the nose in an open forum, in front of anybody
5. The Pick Flick- Picks the nose & flicks the boogie away in any direction
6. The Daring- does not follow the adage- People who live in glass houses should not throw boogies- sits in his all glass cabin and digs away to glory
7. Twist & Turn- Twists the nose while digging
8. The Rapist- digs real deep, vigorously
9. Hide & Seek- Rolls away the boogie & then picks it up again to re-roll if there is none left in the nose. Will be annoyed if he cannot find it
10. Disguiser- will be picking the nose when alone but if someone walks into the room, he will pretend he was just scratching his nose or rubbing his face- well the secret is out if the boogie happens to get stuck onto his face. Eeeow!
11. Regional Manager- The finger/ hand is always in that region of face where the nose belongs- and you will never realize how swiftly the finger will dig in and come out.
12. Shop till you Drop- they will dig and drop it in you cubicle at times- I have many times followed the descent of the boogie when the offender is leaning at my cubicle wall and talking.
13. Side business- They dig and then fold their hands and drop it down daintily- just today a lady co-traveler in my office van did it- I changed my seat immediately-Well early morning you can’t have boogies falling on your dress- absolutely unacceptable!!
14. Leisure Hobby- will not do it in public but once he is back home he will do it relaxingly much to the disgust of the family members
15, My favourite- The altruistic- these are the mothers/ fathers who willingly clean up the unwilling noses of their babies- I am one of those!! And can feel the relief my babies must feel after the clearing!! (BTW, I have seen an infant nose cleaner in Lifestyle stores. Works on suction principle- Has anyone tried it? Please give a product review.)


Has to be me said...

ha ha ha!!!!! Sure u really have dun a lotta research into this!! Yup I ve also noticed many ppl digging just like any other normal activity!

Kalpana said...

I too hate it... Good research!!!;)

Appu said...

Jeez, thats pretty comprehensive. one person in my office does that, and in meetings. So i never shake hands with that guy.
The nose cleaner u saw is very idle when kids have cold. u know they either sneeze our the phlegm or it keeps running. This one is very clean and effective, it sucks the yuck pretty thorough, and i have tried it on my baby, its instant relief. its useful around.

Eclipsed Thoughts said...

eeeeekkkksss... quite a comprehensive post.... haha....
i have seen many people digging nose... i had this "signals and systems" lecturer in college who used to happily dig his nose and scream at us at the same time...
i never took his class coz of fear and disgust after a week... haha...

no idea about nose-cleaner! :(

The Kid said...

wonder what made you write this! hmmmm

Hip Grandma said...

Nice observations.Funny too.

Gauri said...

Reminded me of a Khushwant Singh article "Nose Picking" in his book "The Big Book of Malice".

We have a lot of these "boogie hunters" out here in HK. In fact, they do it as if it is their "Janma Siddha Adhikar" to do so. Absolutely no qualms about it.

And about the infant nose cleaner - oh yes - it does work - wonders actually. A very helpful tool for mothers to have around.

R.E.B.E.L said...

digs out the boogies, rolls it between the finger and thumb to create various shapes
--- Eeeeewwwwwwwwww........!

artnavy said...

Didnt you knwo about a sport called "target practice"
Blob-roll-throw.Winner takes it all!!

The Visitor said...

Yuck! *busy digging nose, now pretends to scratch nose*
Do they have jobs for people watching?

And thanks for commenting on every post :) *smiles for the rest of day*

Keshi said...

wud u mind if I dun read this post at all? I mean its EWWW to read abt such yukky ppl.

lol sorry sweety!

prachi said...

ur reasearch is really deep...
i think how much efforts you have put in that...

Anonymous said...

enna kodumai saravan ithu...

mommyof2 said...

ewwww.. The other day I skipped reading ur post cuz I just had food but even now I feel like I am gonna throw up.. Yuck


Rajitha said...

I am kinda curious to know as to what might have triggered this post..

itchingtowrite said...

has to be me- 1 of my friends used to say i am cleaning it naa. so whats ur problem. i don't want to leave it dirty so let me dig it out!
kAL, Appu, eclipsed thoghts- true- i don't shake hands with most people for this fear. btw, thanks for the product review. will try it out

kid, rajitha- we had a lunch table discussion that day - we were discussing the glass cabin googers & also the person who was dropping it on me in the bus & that triggered the post
hip g ma- thanks
gauri- khushwant singh is so graphic abt everything. olden days kings used to have professional nose pickers & it was
supposed to be a prized job!
rebel, art- eeeww indeed
visitor- well when i try to enter someone's cabin & he is busy doing it, i walk away & wait unbtil he finishes....and ensure i don't shake hands with him
keshi , mom of 2- no prob, yuck factor was intended
prachi- thanks
gils- can't follow tamil

Trauma Queen said...

oh this is so disgusting..n nasty!
n very well researched ;)

u must read my post called'winds of change'...explores another very natural but'oh-so-gross' human phenomena..hehehe