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Friday, October 13, 2006

Notice Period

Things change rapidly the moment one puts in the papers. No matter how long one has served the company. A few changes I have experienced this week are-
1. The extra chair in my cubicle has been borrowed & never returned, within a few minutes of my resigning
2. The beverage served has reduced by a quarter!!
3. Mailbox is empty
4. I can browse the net/ blog as much as possible without feeling guilty
5. I can take leave or come late or levae early without feeling guilty
6. I hardly get phone calls
7. Suddenly people have become overtly friendly and are bitching about the company/ people or discussing secrets
8. Suddenly some friendly people have started ignoring me- I am not asked for creative inputs at all
9. I need not participate in projects as info is sensitive around me
10. I can make long phone calls on my cell without feeling guilty
11. People are asking me how to apply for a job in that particular place where I am joining
12. People are discussing their salary details with me even though I do not want to hear it.
13. I have become detached to everything that is happening & look at things with neutral eyes
When I think of the way things have changed within minutes of my resigning, I feel that the mandatory notice period should be waived off in special cases where the employee can no longer contribute. Especially in my case when I have a team who is intimately involved in the projects so I need not do any particular handover or close projects. Food for thought!!


R.E.B.E.L said...

Yay.. Am the first to comment..

#I can browse the net/ blog as much as possible without feeling guilty
#I can take leave or come late or leave early without feeling guilty

Since I have put in the papers too, am enjoying both of this!!! :-D

Kalpana said...

I experienced all these when I resigned too. People act differently at that moment. Friendly people do ignore- no idea what's the reason. Whatever u said is absolutely correct. I remembered my days of resignation. The same acts...

Inder said...

i'll remember them :)

Has to be me said...

For sure good food 4 thot! :) Nice time to put ur feet up & enjoy the last few days!
BTW the heights abt the kids is up on my blog now! :)

shruti said...

many changes comes without notifying...

itchingtowrite said...

rebel- congrats.. hav a good time till ur next assignment
kalpana- thats the worst part. u feel as if they were friendly just for the purpose of needing ur help/ favour on the job front... the true ones will be friendly even after u hav resigned
inder- welcome. i presume u r looking out! all the best if u r ..
has to be me- read ur post.. nice one.. & i am having a cool time
shruti- welcome. keep coming... yes,i did not expect such changes after resigning

Ashish said...

Such changes do happen a lot.
Makes me wonder about the difference between Indian companies and American companies. In American companies, typically a guy is out of office in the same week that he/she resigns, no extended farewells and so on. Put the same American company in India under local management, and we need lots of time to manage transitions, handover, etc even if the person was almost not doing anything.

mommyof2 said...

enjoy this different phase:-)

How do we know said...

I dont believe the comment did not get saved yday.. i really liked ur blog a lot!!

itchingtowrite said...

ashish- i guess these companies are independent of the person. if person leaves, system doen't stop functioning. makes one feel so dispensable!
mom fo 2- i am
how do we know- thanks. keep coming

hkarthi said...

nice one ... :) will definitely put it in things to do when I put in my papers :-) !

Twisted DNA said...

Really? I always felt that way at work :D