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Friday, October 06, 2006


Festivals give us a break from routine life along with the accompanying holiday, (Come to think of it, since every month we have some festival or the other to look forward to, the breaks are too often!)
Especially true when we are kids or not married. Once women get married, it’s a lot of hard work- they become accountable for making the entire thing work. They conceive the entire celebrations down to the last detail, starting from “spring” cleaning, making/ buying goodies and keeping them in a safe place so that the kids or the “big” kid in the house do not finish them up before the d-day arrives. And then there is planning for new clothes, decorations, pooja, inviting guests & deciding whom to visit and when. Of course the man of the house or the older kids are the one who do the errands but in true managerial fashion, “Home Ministry” takes the all important role of planning, organizing & financial control.
And the praises that are showered- the woman of the house basks in the glory with the modest- oh, it was nothing. So kudos to every woman who manages the whole show.

When I got down thinking why exactly we welcome festivals, these are a few thoughts apart from the “break from routine” that came to my mind-

1. Upholding & Cultivating Values, Traditions, Culture
2. Outlet to the creative streak & special skills- sweet making, decorations
3. Joy of giving- time for gifts
4. Shopoholics’ delight- you can never have enough of new clothes and what best excuse than the festival
5. Time to reach out- family & friends get together
6. Dress up for the occasion
7. The light feeling that comes after making the house sparkling clean and trash free
8. For old time’s sake & for future reference- especially once kids come into the picture, we want to make the day extra special for them. Memories that they would carry forward in their life and the hope that they will carry on the tradition that was passed on to us
9. Have something consistently to look forward to- like gamble on diwali, drink bhaang/ thandayi on Holi, play Dandiya during Navratri.
10. Use the occasion to do Social Work/ Charity and feel good about it.

Dhanteras day (also check)
4. Attempt to make sweets for Diwali (with Mom & MIL doing most of the things)
5. Ganesh Laxmi Puja on Diwali evening- will set up a small gharaunda- mini house made of cardboard & do the Ganesh- Laxmi puja on it.
6. Visit the diwali night
7. Celebration- We plan to celebrate Diwali in our apartment complex with Laxmi puja, Bhai dooj – Will fall 2 days after Diwali. Hope my brother will be there that day for the bhai dooj pooja.
9. Check out with the nearby orphanage on what I could do for them- sponsor a meal or give cash or any other durable that they need.

What else can I do? Suggestions would be welcome.


Keshi said...

Festivals r great times and u have covered most of what we can do at such times. Great post!


cardamom said...

hey i am down with a virus infested hard disk...will format and honour your TAG...:)

Appu said...

I am gonna buy loads of crackers and have fun.

Manoj said...

Just a thought... Do something that creates awareness about chickungunya... Its a hot topic suddenly...

mommyof2 said...

All the great festive reasons to welcome them with happy heart..:-) #8 is so on our mind especially when we are away from our homeland & kids can’t experience the proper way to celebrate them. Every time I keep fast or do some puja, I always think that at least my daughter will carry on the way I do & will remember me on every festival when Im not around And of course I always have sweet memories of every festival celebrated in India for years..

Anonymous said...

nice post...

btw, y don u reduce ur font size??
its way too big!!

itchingtowrite said...

thanks Keshi
cardamom- will wait
appu- that remnds me- someone in my apartment complex suggested that we buy the cracker- 10000 (costs Rs 8000) - i freaked out!!
manoj- welcome- for starters we want to inititate spraying teh surroundings with the antimosquito fog
momof 2- have fun & hope u get to meet ur people

non- thNks- point taken- i was unable to figure out how to do it & yesterday i tried & achieved

Kalpana said...

I feel u're complete with these tasks. Have a great Diwali!!!

Usha said...

Interesting stuff and I am sure the kids are going to love it all.
Have a great diwali!