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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Babies- Their Royal Highnesses

The adorable babies in their innocence can unknowingly make one feel elated or insecure in different situations.

• Elation is when they fight for my lap when I come back home and insecurity is when they don’t look at me when hubby comes back
• Insecurity is when they refused to recognize hubby when he came back home after a long tour
• Elation is when they hug me (spontaneously) when they want a feed and insecurity is when they slip out of my lap on other occasions
• Insecurity is when a friend’s daughter asked her mom “who is this uncle” (referring her father who was abroad for sometime)
• Ojas smiled at the ex –maid and bawled at the current maid at the same time
• They gave my Mom suspicious looks when they saw her after 5 months. They keep looking askance at her while playing and don’t’ smile at all. (My mom took care of them the 1st 6 months and she used to be their favourite during that time)
• They forget my brother every weekend. Ojas howls when he sees him.
• My Dad spent the nights walking them to sleep when they were a month old. They are giving him the cold shoulder treatment
• Insecurity was during the 1st 6 months when they used to scream everytime they saw my In-laws and now there is elation when they treat them with angry “words” if they are late or don’t turn up for a day
• Ojas screamed at my neighbor when she tried to pick up Tejas
• My nephew never used to come to me even though I used to show him the car keys. Since he had never seen me drive, he thought I was cheating him
• Ojas was trying to crawl to my room when he woke up in the middle of the night and found that he was sleeping with My Mom- inspite of sleeping a good part of the 1st 6 months with my Mom


Trauma Queen said...

hi itchy(?!!!!)
thanks for visiting my blog..oh wow...twins...must be fun eh?? the kids on my blog r my sister's...n im amazed at how she taken to motherhood (that too three kids) so crazy about babies n must say you have really cute kids...what r their names?? they look about 10 i right???

Trauma Queen said...

ok got it now..ojas and tejas...what does ojas mean??? how come one is motte tale and the other is not?? interesting :)

Ashish said...

Cute babies. What do the names mean ?

Has to be me said...

Chill girl....theres no need 2 feel insecure with ur own kiddos! :)

Nee said...

They forget my brother every weekend. Ojas howls when he sees him.

The Boy's sister is due any time now. This is his perennial fear, especially since we've moved away - that the baby is never going to remember him and is always going to cry around him!

mommyof2 said...

I agree with HTBM:-)at least not until they get married.. lol

Minal said...

I know that indifference hurts a lot!

Anonymous said...

They forget my brother every weekend. Ojas howls when he sees him. Ask my brother, he'll tell you how this feels- he goes through it every visit!!! (but when K remembers, they both become best buds)

R.E.B.E.L said...

wow. u r extremely creative and your kids are very cute.. I know what tejas means.. but what does Ojas mean???

Trauma Queen said...

hey btw..thanks a ton for linking my touched!!
how did u chance upon my blog anyway?? im suddenly getting a lotta readership ;)

Twisted DNA said...


“who is this uncle”
That is hilarious!!

"My mom took care of them the 1st 6 months"
It must hurt so bad :(

Anonymous said...

Too cute..
espeically when the kids forget their father .. ha ha ha

Tanushree said...

what a co-incidence one of my frens nephew's name are also Ojas and Tejas...

anyways...wish you a very happy diwali..

artnavy said...

The cold shoulder treatment hurts bad... almost cruel

sometimes i wonder - if i am away overnight anush may forget me

itchingtowrite said...

trauma queen- Ojas & Tejas both mean brilliance, they were born on diwali morning last year. they are going to be 1 year on 1st nov. I am not very sure how I chanced upon your blog. happened when I was out surfing! do keep coming
ashish, rebel- answered mentioned in reply to trauma.
has to be me, mom of 2, minal- it's like this- i expect that they will come to me no matter what and when in front of the whole crowd they refuse to come to me, I feel totally betrayed!!
nee- well! he will hav to visit more often?? and bribe with chocolates/ toys/ drives
@- by the time my monsters get used to my brother, it's time for him to go back
TDNA- yes, my mom expected this but still feels a little bad
vin- oh! i saw the look on hubby's face- it was as if he had failed an exam!!
tanushree- same pinch! r they twins? how old are they? happy diwali to u too
art- overnight is too less a time!! ;) but yes i always wonder how long this blind attachment will continue!!

itchingtowrite said...

trauma- they are not identical twins- theyare fraternal, therefore the difference in their looks. Ojas has less hair from birth onwards & he always looks as if he had a tonsure!

Hip Grandma said...

I think I'll take it up next.Insecurities and elations of old age.