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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How Safe Are We On The Roads

The other day I was driving home from work. It was raining and already dark. As I was inching at the signal, my car moved a little backward as the road was sloping so. There was a sumo behind me and imagine the audacity of the driver. He came and opened my door and started cursing at me... even though my car had not hit his.I didn't want to get into a fight and so I simply shut my door & locked it. Meanwhile a guy on a bike positioned himself right in front of my headlight and started talking something which I suspect was really rude. And I always thought this never happened in Chennai.

Another day, a one-eyed rickshaw puller saw me taking the turn and purposely crossed my path giving a seemingly evil smile - the best he could muster- just to irk me I guess.

A friend of mine was driving with the window rolled down. She had overtaken this man and at the next signal he snatched her keys from the open window and ran into a nearby apartment.

Moral of the story- for your own safety, drive with the A/C on and lock all doors. Don't get into ego trips on the road - don't bother about racing with the morons on the road- they have nothing to lose but you have your sanity, life and precious time. Don't ever swear - throw a stone in the muck and you get muck on yourself


Anonymous said... careful! and keep the doors locked while u drive!

btw thanks for dropping by at my blog..and your twins are adooorable :) keep writing more abt them!

Varsha said...

OMG...take care yaar!! Its a bad bad world

Ashish said...

YOu should drive in Delhi. With all the traffic and heat, people are ever ready to pick a fight. And you can never be sure how sane the guy who is arguing with you. So I do a coward act, unless the situation is bad, I will ignore what the other angry guy is saying and keep my cool. One of the parties involved in any incident has to remain cool, but my ego does prick at what seems like a cowardly act. I olnly keep cool by reminding myself, "Ain't worth it"

Usha said...

This is shocking. What about the traffic police?

Appu said...

welcome to the chennai traffic. and i am the maniac on the road. when i first bought my car, i was pretty careful. then i started getting irritated with people just not following the basics. and well, i am guy, and a pretty well rounded one at that, so people who i kick on the roads dont normally get back. But yes, drive with your doors always locked. and use ur sandals once in a while. any trouble, gimme a buzz.

Archana Bahuguna said...

Oh My God! Well, I wouldnt be surprised at all if you were in Delhi and that happened; but really you need to be careful ... the first thing I do when I get into my car "always" is lock my door asap. It's a lesson learnt the hard way. Really, what's happening to ppl... U take care.

artnavy said...

Keep a driver or a deo spary handy

Inder said...

our people... they do all these atrocities and proudly say that we are the best civilization with the best culture in the whole universe. they will never accept that we still have a long way to go. sad.

Nee said...

OMG - that's scary!
A friend of mine was driving with the window rolled down. She had overtaken this man and at the next signal he snatched her keys from the open window and ran into a nearby apartment.

What happened then? Did she run after him, was there a traffic cop?

PeeJ said...

Oh boy, sorry to hear things are getting as bad in your neck of the woods as they are here in England. Road rage incidents are on the increase. I don't understand why everyone is always in such a hurry to get to work in the morning but most times it's a case of taking your life in your hand and just zigging and zagging when you can.

Hope you're OK - thanks for stopping by my blog btw..


cardamom said...

And i thought sanity runs parallel with the different drivers on chennai roads...its my 3rd year in chennai..

Deepa said...

Happens only to people in car, I guess;-)

Life Lover said...

OMG! This is horrible and scarry. And I agree that we shouldn't get involved in road rage. It brings bad results..thanks for sharing this.

itchingtowrite said...

enigma- welcome & thanks
varsha, archana- i try to be more careful nowadays
ashish- yes even it hurts my ego to be silent but as u said- not worth
usha- traffic police? what's that? where does he look? he is like the refree of WWF games
appu- many times I hav asked my hubby to try out his karate skills but he never does it
art- yes must try the spray out with the morons
inder- i guess it happens across the world
nee- she followed him but never got the keys back
peej- in chennai one can't hurry up too much - roads are bad & traffic sense unruly- even thenu shud see the way people honk
cardamom- u haven't seen the worse
deepa- happens to bike people also- my friends hav been hit so many times
life lover- welcome, thanks for stopping by

Twisted DNA said...

Man, that must have been a harrowing experience! I don't think I would've handled it well either! I would've locked the door and called 911. But it is less scary in India because, in the US you don't know who is carrying a gun!

The Kid said...

Madras is pretty rude on the road sometimes... but these crooks are just waiting for someone to be rude too. I think it could be because of a bit of anti-female attitude too... how dare he open the door and start screeming.

There is this bad "pottachi" attitude with a lot of tam public.

hkarthi said...

i completely agree.. ppl seems to have dropped off their "sanity" back at home before they go out! .. one time an autorickshaw just blindly bumped into my bike broke my rear side indicator and drove not even without an apology! U have to b xtrmly careful while driving in Chennai roads!!!

Trauma Queen said...

seriously that bad?
wow...i suffer from road rage...n ride a two wheeler :(
guess i better be careful next time i spew out cuss words...

Calabar Gal said...

LOL Thank God you got home safely in one piece. You should try to avoid road rages at all costs. I personally think that they're not worth the stress and time.

Came over from Twisted DNA's blog. Well, You did say you requires some attention..... (smile)

itchingtowrite said...

tdna- most of us feel its not worth getting the police involved!
KID- u may be right abt the trying to goad the woman into action & then making fun of her
hkarti- auto abt them- they r a separate breed
trauma queen- better to worry abt your own sanity & safety
calabar girl welcome..pls do keep coming

Minal said...

... I have my own horrow stories from Delhi roads.

it's scary but what are the alternatives.... I remember my college days in DTC buses...Guess, we just need to learn to accept and ignore. Fighting is not a solution, somehow!

Rio said...

horrible!! i used to suffer from a bad case of road rage as well..insufferable boors (read men) on the road are a complete case for the couch! carried away with the ranting..but they do get my goat so! grr....