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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bedtime Story

I have started concocting bedtime stories for Ojas & Tejas. The thirsty crow or red riding hood variety modified to suit their situation and understanding. The pot becomes bottle and water becomes milk or water and instead of stones we drop ball in the bottle. I also try stories centered on 2 brothers which will ultimately carry the moral of unity, not fighting, not troubling mamma (that one tops) and playing together.
I have realized I am a lousy story teller. Somehow I am unable to infuse enough enthusiasm into it and to me they sound really flat without any flow and end very quickly.

I am looking for a starter story book with pictures from which I can read to them with play acting. Any recommendation – something that is tried and tested by moms and liked by the kids?


~nm said...

I also have been twisting the stories to sometimes so that he understands it and sometimes to remove out the negative influences.

So many times I just make the stories from the things around us and he has picked this habit of creating his own stories too!

Sorry can't help you with any book recommendations but to make them intersting, add sounds, hand movements and face expressions to make them interesting. The main story may be nothing intersting but by addign sounds and expressions it becomes interesting enough for the kids!

aargee said...

Even I keep thinking of stories, but I find it quite difficult. Infact was planning to ask a lot of people to help me on this. I tell him thirsty crow story and link that with the story in which the crow after feeling thirsty, goes in search of food and steals vada from granny and a fox cheats it and get it by asking the crow to sing.;and again I link this story with the same crow getting one more vada and this time when another fox comes and asks for it, it keeps it on its legs and sings and when the fox asks to dance , keeps the same on its mouth and dances and eventually cheats the fox...( a twist to to normal crow story)so this is the long story I tell him to eat. Howmuch ever times I tell him he is ready to hear this. I need to think of lot more stories. Also "hare and the tortoise" is good.. if u can think of anything please let me know....:) Excuse-me for the long post..

WhatsInAName said...

I guess you will just have to dig into the book stores for the hard bound books. I dont recollect any name right now. Personally though, I have found fairy tales to be most interesting and gripping for my kids atleast :)

As for making up stories, awww, dont ask. I have even made up stories on giraffe, kangaroos etc!

Itchingtowrite said...

nm/ aargee- i guess red riding hood has possibilities of action and voice changing...i remember my brother being most fascinated with it. otherwise some panchtantra tales may do the trick as it has lot of animal stories and moral attached.
argee- my husband also does the vada story... i guess crow plays important role in stories esp in modern times that is the only bird kids recognize and can see!!

whatsin a name- i think the made up ones turn up best and u hav the satisfaction of creativity and creative license too!!

How do we know said...

Try Good night Moon. Its apparently a favorite with a lot of kinds, but I just go to all those washable books with stories, methinks they should work just fine..

SM said...

I think Moppet's mom wrote a post just in time for your query.

I have a lot of the books from Moppet's bookshelf as also some from Kodi's fave's. Ananya enjoys them. I'll just throw modesty to the wind and admit that I am a good story teller-that helps :)
They are good recommendations!

SM said...

Oh how could i forget the saffron tree?

Kodi's Mom said...

yes, as SM says, ST is the place to go for book recos.
look for Tulika books in odyssey or landmark. jataka tales and panchatantras can be told as they are - don't need any customization - anything with animals would go well, I would think.
i also make stories out of things he just did or places he visited (like Kodi's day at the zoo )

A Little Light said...

U could try this..

PVS said...

Hi Itchy,

Try twisting the well known stories a bit and include the kids in them. They get facinated with it. Can be a story of how a little boy helped a dog in pain and in turn the dog helped him. Something on those lines. You can also tell them stories that will end with the moral that you would like them to learn. (As you are doing already).

My daughter gives me the most weird combos and asks for stories based on those. Like a dophin and a bed, a dinosar, a granny and a baby. So I have become quite creative now. :))

lumi said...

Goodnight Moon was one of our faves and Gerald the Giraffe is a great new read (lots of animals and great message), the Arabian Nights stories are fun too.

artnavy said...

try saffron tree- they have very good recco

Gabdu's Mommy said...

Visiting after ages but heres a list of books Gabdu loves
a) Bruno/Pepper series- Bruno learns to share/bruno cleans up etc etc - Shree books I think and not expensive
b) Large Print Panchatantra tales
c) The pop up toddler modified versions of Little Red Riding hood and similarly other fairy tales

There are a couple of others - i think i shud do a post on this- after this long hiatus!

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