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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Holistic Weight Management - Plateau Breaking

Weight Management Mantra
Extremely overweight Grandpa was taking his daily morning honey lemon in warm water
Cousin A- It's a lost case- अब कोई फायदा नहीं होने वाला है
(Coincidentally, he is also overweight)
Right on cue, he picked up a glass, poured himself a good measure of water, added a spoon of honey, squeezed a lemon half and drank it up in one go.

Sometimes you notice that you get stuck at a particular figure for too long. This means the body has got used to a typical diet/ exercise style. You need to shock your system into responding.
A typical plateau breaking diet I followed
Breakfast- Milk, fruits
Mid morning- tender coconut
Lunch- fruit, soup, salad
Afternoon- Buttermilk
Evening- Fruit
Night- Soup, Salad

Ensure that previous day you had enough carbohydrates and the next day don’t take too much carbohydrates but enough fibre so that everything does not get absorbed as your body is starved of carbs and waiting to absorb
Caution- only under supervision- don’t do it too many times as the body will no longer be shocked to respond.


Still searching said...

Hmmm... I dont think I can survive with such less quantities of food, even for one day! But its a good idea, I know my Mom used it to lose weight after child birth, and she's been telling me to do it for a long time now! hah!

GettingThereNow said...

Hey! Good tips. Thanks - I'll try this when I am ready to shed the pounds (after I stop pumping breastmilk for the baby). Till then, I'll enjoy my carbs and the weight, thankyou!! :D

Thisisme said...

ur last line has proved true for me :( ...m badly stuck at a plateau..n nothing shocks this damn body :P
btw..have been reading ur blog since long..its too gud :)

ggop said...

Curious if the soups have any meat or dal in them. The diet looks good for reduction in carbs - the only thing I'm not clear if this adds up to even 40g of protein. (Hence my question on the soup contents)