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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wardrobe Wows

I love to buy the tiny clothes in various patterns and designs for Ojas & Tejas. I hate it when thy get spoiled after a few wears. Especially the delicate ones in light pastel shades from abroad. I am apprehensive about using them lest they get soiled. Therefore I do a lot of bargain hunt so that quantity is not compromised for them because they have atlast 3 changes during the day.

My favourites are
1. Rompers- I love them and kids look so adorable in them. The boys spent all of their 1st year in their many rompers all gifted by hubby’s relatives from UK. These were either the type that ends up at the buttocks or the type that reaches the ankles or below.
2. Jeans/ Corduroys- Hubby’s colleague from Canada had gifted them their 1st pair of jeans. Low waisters. Teamed with sleeveless white T-shirt, Ojas & Tejas look good enough to eat. Corduroys are hubby’s favourite and he ensures he wears his corduroys to match with them
3. Sleeveless shirts- I am big on them. Have got a lot of them from Cents & Pence in Gandhi Nagar. The ones they are wearing in the photo on the sidebar is of thick stretch material and I have picked up all available colors- except white for obvious reasons- 1 wash only- cost about Rs 200. Doesn’t get worn out fast.
4. Cents & Pence have a good collection of kids wear at very interesting prices. I buy a lot of colored vests with cartoon pics from the brand zero- they cost about Rs 35-40 and make great home wear during summer. Ojas & Tejas love selecting the color of the day.
5. From the same store I have picked up shorts made of very soft T-shirt material for Rs 40-50. (Even white, though not yet worn them). They too make great home wear or can be used outside also. They are real short shorts with thick elastic at the waist band and cute pockets in which they keep our mobile.
6. Lifestyle Sale has 5 pairs for Rs 50 – 99 on offer. I ensure I buy from there for the year. They come in many patterns- striped, combos, plains.
7. From Lifestyle itself, I have picked up collared T-shirts in stripes and plains- exact miniatures of adult type T-shirts. Slightly thick material and the good thing is it doesn’t wear out fast.
8. There is a Benetton factory outlet on ECR road- I picked up a good collection of T-shirts from there for about Rs 250 plus. Very army/ sports type design & color.
9. Vardhan market in Kolkatta sells T-shirts in bright colors and soft material for Rs 100. Bought around 6 of them but they are too long for the kids now. The size printed differs from the standard I guess.
10.Mummy zindabad- All the left over bits from my dresses are made into kurtas/ shirts or loose fitting shirts with back buttons for night wear.
11. Fab India Kurta & Pajama off course but not to their size as of now.
12. Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi- Shop name- Chunmun- lovely collared T-shirts at Rs 150 or less- I made an entire collection of stripes in knitted soft slightly thin material.


aargee said...

that was an informative post. Btw can I know their date of birth. Just curious to know :)

WhatsInAName said...

Good to read someone who enjoys shopping!

Swati said...

Ohh ITW ..can you please tell me some economical shops for baby clothes in BAngalore ..pleaaaaaaaaaaase ...or anyone in Bangalore ..pleaaaaaaase

Itchingtowrite said...

argee- 1st nov

Swati- havn't shopped much in b'lore but in commercial street there is a shop - i think Melwani's kiddy corn- that is what is mentioned in my credit card statement- it comes somewhere after weekenders... there i picked up a few T shirts + shorts ka set for Rs 50- quality not great but timepass - otherwise i cud not explore much

Cuckoo said...

Good one. I have forwarded it to my cousin who keeps cribbing about the price of kiddie clothes. Thankie.

Cuckoo said...
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Noodlehead said...

great post! i love rompers for bonbon too, especially the type that covers the feet :) she wears brand Zero clothes at home. they're really good, nice and soft and pretty good quality!

i'm with swati - can anyone do a similar post for baby clothes in bangalore?

Minka said...

Lovely ! I am gonna go and check out Cents and Pence soon . The other places I love are Shanthi Garments near the Petrol pump on LB Road.And Milou on Anna Salai.

artnavy said...

am in delhi trow- will check out chunmun if time permits and cents and pence as well

SORRY cant resist....
in chennai- Shanti is good and even Naidu Hall ( if u r patient enough to search)

Blore- there is a place in Jay Nagar mkt dont know the name

gini& jony- have soem nice stuff

Cucumber is a good and economical brand available across the country

Swati said...

Thanks ITW and artnavy
Noodlehead ...lets explore :)

Something to Say said...

hey I luv sonny in rompers too. and dont lil boys look adorable in those adult-type T-shirts.
nice post

Mama - Mia said...


good to know someone else likes Zero too! :)

i just picked some brights vest for kabir for his first HOT summer in bangalore and i think their clothes are real VFM! :)

twins!! wow!! am off to see and read more!! :)



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