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Saturday, March 14, 2015

To appreciate Togetherness and our Home

While we have done mini drives quite often, it was the first time the husband decided to do a longish drive which meant traveling from Chennai to Goa by car.

We had booked ourselves in the club Mahindra resort which was another first for us and it was for the first time we were driving across the eastern coast to the western coast.

Hilly terrains always give me the jitters so this was good because we would be close to sea level.

It had been a very long time since we had a proper break especially because kids were small and it is not so easy to take breaks. And add to that our own tardiness.

The drive was very present and we also stopped at a hotel midway so that we could break our joinery. It was more a case of liking the journey more than the destination.

We crossed a few states, braved inclement weather and finally reached the resort.

We were in for a pleasant surprise when we checked into the resort. I had never imagined that it would be such a comfortable place with two sets of beds, one for the children and one for us. The room was huge and the resort had a private beach.

We built sand castles on the beach and looked longingly at the parasailing crowd but of course we couldn't dare to really try it.

We experimented with mutton vindaloo and went to Martin's corner to have dinner.

We visited naturals ice cream parlour every day and had lots of tender coconut ice cream. Slurp.

We truly relaxed, read on the beach, took off cakes from the buffet table to have by the poolside and the children spent the entire day in the pool and the evening on the beach.

We spent the time just looking out of the balcony and generally did very touristy things like strolling the streets.

It was the much needed me time or rather us time that we needed as a family and it came right on time.

And no holiday is complete without seeing the animal kingdom. On the way back we stopped at Bangalore and we went to Banerghatta national park and took the bus safari. Thankfully the kids love nature and they were more than happy to be looking at the animals and enjoying the various species at the butterfly park.

The best part of the holiday is the food. While Goa did not have much to offer by way of local food, we freaked out in the sea food and vindaloo preparation. We ate a lot of salads, yes, and drank soup. And generally were laid back and without any agenda every day.

Sometimes, it pays to just not do anything, a fast vanishing thing. It recharged us and we went back to our world and our work with much gusto. We also learnt to appreciate our own home which is the best of all places and the most comfortable, no matter how hi fi the hotel and resorts are. provides unique solutions for being at home with your choice.

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