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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Glorious Walk

Long months of inactivity had left me feeling disgusted and disappointed with my body that refused to be active.

I would despair at the time fifteen years ago when I was walking the entire neighbourhood, almost 5 km up and down without feeling the least bit exhausted. Given a chance I walked rather than took an auto and especially because I didn't have my own car, I would walk both the long distances and the short one. There would be an exhibition that I wanted to seem or a nursery that u wanted to visit, I would do everything walking as I was too cheap to pay the auto fare.

But after I started driving my own car, I became lazy. Also lack of time prompted me to take the car everywhere, even short distances because after all, time is money and it was more important for me to reach back home on time rather than walk and be healthy.

A few months ago, we went for an outbound workshop from our office. While I am very good at mental workshops, I am a little uncertain about physical workshops.
This workshop was not very tiring but still we had a short walk to a tree lined place and then we were given some endurance exercises.

One was making a person hover on a harness above a tub of balls and he had to throw the balls into a basket. We had harnessed him with ropes and it required superhuman strength to keep him floating.

The second was to make an A shape with bamboos and then control the shape with ropes and make the person mounted on the A to walk a short distance. For every step I would pull along with a colleague and it took immense strength to pull that off, pun intended. But I managed.

At the end of it all, different muscles and parts had been thoroughly exercised but I felt a sense of pride and happiness that I had achieved something that I had never done before.

Truly filled me with so much optimism that I decided to get back to my walking, playing and doing physical activities to feel better about myself yet again.

I don't know how much weight I will manage to lose, but I do know that I will not shy away from physical work.

I do not know how much thinner or nicer I will look, but I do plan to be able to walk a challenging distance easily.

And today, I walked a 5 kilometre distance in the afternoon sun with ease. It filled me with a sense of pride that perhaps it is not so difficult at all.

Go to to start a fresh journey.

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