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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happiness Boosters

 Simple everyday happiness boosters.

It doesn't take too much to make me happy.

I list out some of the basic, simple, thrifty happiness boosters that I swear by.

Gardening- even watching every leaf and flower qualifies. Especially if a painstakingly readied plant takes root and thrives. I especially enjoyed figuring out how to root the mint in the pit. Simple. You prepare the roots in water first and then put in the soil when the fresh white roots emerge.

Having a loooooooong chat across continents with school friend. Just start off from where you last left and the best part is you can just be yourself- we both know what we were in school!! ;)

Morning Walk with the cool breeze hitting your face, smelling new smells, looking at new plants and vegetation, seeing the birds fly...everything

Also a clear night sky when every constellation is clear. I am especially enamoured by the sight of the Scorpio constellation that rises in the early morning hours

 Planning for and gearing up for the next projects - could be simple stuff like hosting dinner or revamping the garden or experimenting to perfect the cake or tough ones like clearing the kitchen shelves!!

Baking. Always. Especially the cup cakes in my cute silicone moulds that the children love. And watching them devour it is the larger part of the fun.

Playing badminton with the spouse or children or friends on weekend evenings. Especially rallies and especially watching the kids play better than me.

Being with the children and especially getting them to do non home work study. I love making them do puzzles or mathematical problems or write a creative page.

Reading late in bed or spending a holiday with lazy reading or managing to read the entire duration of the flight.

An Anuja Chauhan or a Moni Mohsin or a Sophie Kinsella book.

Writing after a long writer's block, that scene that was evading you or that concept that was not falling into place. Of course writing anytime is a happiness booster. Even the articles.

Hearing from publishers after a manuscript submission. The positive ones of course. I relish every phase of the book making including the edits believe me.

Shopping with free vouchers ;) ...can't even begin to express the pleasure that I feel

Plotting, planning and executing my next purchases. I have a bedsheet fetish!

Talking to mom.

Finding something interesting on the net.

Lots of sunlight

Rain, the variety that comes with a rainbow or in the early evening. Rain reminds me of the day we got our babies home. So it has a special. Place any case.
Reading impeccable English gives me the greatest pleasure. Especially the PG Wodehouse variety

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