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Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Bold Decision

Everyday he would come home late as he was working for his employer till late in the night. He would be up at odd hours because he was working for markets that were in different time zones. He would work so hard that everyone thought he had a partnership in the company or a lot of shares, but no, he was a mere employee. But he was the face of the company and every customer he met would treat him as the ultimate authority.

He brought in new clients and helped the company grow but did they appreciate him a little more than everyone else? No. Because he was a mere employee doing his duty.

His wife would tell him. Leave the job. Start on your own. If you are so good and if you have such a good network, you will manage.

But he was waiting until he gained enough confidence to start on his own. For it required guts. It required one to be present all the time for the customers. And it meant never again looking back to never again leaving work at the office. 

It meant being responsible for the people whom he would hire and for the people who would trust him enough to leave their cushy jobs and join him. 

Yes it needed guts and a great deal of money to fund his venture.

One find day he sat himself down and thought hard. Was he happy doing this? Was he happy working so hard for someone else?
Was he happy having his hands tied down and not being able to take the bold step that he always wanted to take?
Was he happy being treated like a second class citizen because no matter how much ever he worked and how many new businesses he got, he would always be an employee never the owner, never the partner.

He never had the freedom to decide. He never could take the risks he wanted to because the decisions were governed by the establishment.

That day he decided. He would take the bold step. He would take the risk and he would start out on his own. He would take loans, empty his bank account, offer shares and probably mortgage his home that was so lovingly bought. But the risk he would take because the benefits and the lay offs would be far greater than the risk he would take now. He would be what he always dreamt to be all his life, an entrepreneur.

With a resolute nod to himself, he took out his laptop and typed out his resignation letter. 

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