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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Taking the Bold Step

We were married for just a few months and had moved to a new rented place. Everyone advised us to buy a house rather than rent because at that time when the real estate had not boomed, it made more sense to buy rather than pay a high rent. Ultimately our EMI would be nearly equal or comparable to the rent and we would end up at least owning the house. We searched long and hard for the dream home that suited our requirements.
We went to new sites, looked at existing houses and scanned the property pages every weekend. At first we were willing to shift at any part of the town as long as it was towards the South for the purpose of convenience of commute to my work place.
Then, we started narrowing down choices, especially when we had to traverse narrow lanes and congested streets to reach the site.
We looked at houses, measured the built up area and realized to our dismay that the plinth area, built up area and actual square feet that we end up with are vastly different.
We decided on a few things. We will not compromise for less than three bedroom house, not live lower than the second floor neither higher than that and must live on the shortest and most convenient route to my office. We decided upon a budget which was decent enough and decided not to budge from it. We also wanted to satisfy the bare minimum vaastu requirements.
As we trawled through sites and made contacts after contacts for like seven months, we realized that it was not easy to find the house of our choice in the locality of our choice and within the budget that we wanted. We nearly gave up after seven months of trying very hard and stopped looking. House is like love. You get it when you stop looking for it.
So it happened that one day a bank representative came to my husband asking whether we wanted a home loan. My husband said of course we want but there is this small detail of we not having found a home at all for buying. The guy proved to be god send. He had a house in mind which was more expensive than our budget, two bedroom and on the ground floor. The saving grace was that it was in the heart of the town and on my office route so I could catch the office vehicle in five minutes My husband took one look at it and he liked the feel of the place. He was sure that I would like it even though it failed on all of our conditions.

 I saw the place the very next day and fell in love with the entire thing. The clincher was the tiny garden. One in the front and one on the back. And the rest as they say is history. We took the bold step of buying a house inspite of it not meeting our requirements and we have never looked back after that. - your new home to find a home

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