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Monday, March 16, 2015

Running to Win

It was sports day in school and my sons were ready to be winners in their team game.
The son had practiced for the race the entire weekend.
He would run up to the bandage, pick the bandage up and then run up to his doll and tie the bandage, slowly and laboriously to the podgy leg of the teddy bear and t hen pick himself and the teddy bear up and race to the finish line.
I whistled and clapped and nudged him to do it faster, however he focused on doing it right.
My ambidextrous child, who can write and colour with both hands was having immense problem with the simple act of tying a bandage because of orientation issues and confusion of the hands. Hence he focused more and more on getting it write while I played my part in nudging him to go faster. 
On the day of the sports day, the clouds were covering the sky owing to the long week of rains and the school was apprehensive about the sports day as anytime the rain gods could play spoil sport and shower us with their blessings that is the torrential sudden rains which would wet the grassy ground and spoil the sports day for us.
So with great apprehension and trepidation the sports day was declared open and the children started competing in their sports day event one by one.
The theme was profession and the race was based on various professions like pizza delivery for which Tejas' team got the first prize, brick house building, postman etc.
Ojas' class represented the medical guy who would put the bandage on an injured leg.
As he stood in line preparing for his race, my heart raced much more because the pressure of performance would be immense considering the twin had won his race.
The whistle blew and mys on rushed towards the bandage, picked it up and settled himself to tie the bandage to the leg of the teddy bear.
He struggled with both hands, and was all fingers yet focused on doing the bandage correctly. He did manage to secure it and rushed to the finish line. 
However he finished neither first nor second not third. But the school was nice enough to award him a participation medal.
My heart beat fast as I went up to his class to collect him back after the sports day, wondering what tears I will have to encounter. 
I prepared myself to hug his tears away and as he came out of the class he showed me his consolation prize medal and said simply, "Mamma, I won." 

The clouds parted and the sun shone bright and clear and with that it gave me a burst of pride optimism. My son had won because he had managed to tie the bandage well and truly. His race was only with himself and not with anyone else.
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