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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

belated Year end Update

 So the year 2015 is full of new beginnings. 
 But before that 2014 had not been very kind to us as much as I had hoped. 
 As a family - We lost my Nani and Nana in a space of five months. 
 One on 1st jan and the other in 28th July. 
 While Nani was suffering from illness I am still under shock about Nana. Didn't expect him to go away so suddenly. 
 Work wise the year was full of travels for both hubby and me and we also did manage a couple of holidays including Singapore and Coonoor. 
I also managed to take a break in December to oversee the renovation of our home. 

 Well so we ended the year feeling happy poor! 

> Especially after the inclusion of a library!

I also managed three publications with Mango Chutney, mathematics Fun fact and fiction,_facts_and_fiction

and folk tales from around the world.

Women's Web very kindly published my interview

And now for the resolutions

- A general attempt to move over to more green less artificial 
- try to build in exercise
- write everyday 
- read more
- read more of HBR
- eat out even lesser. We already reduced to bare minimum
- healthy snacks for children. More fruits less processed
- follow 5 s system at home.
- teach children independence and make their own bed at least and maintain their own cupboards
- focus on kids ' studies better and make it more organised and regimental
- follow the keyboard course and be serious about it
- wake up on time on the alarm
- Reduce and remove iPad usage by children
- make children read more
- socialise more
- use more of flower decor 

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