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Sunday, March 15, 2015

In The Lap of Nature

A trip to Singapore perhaps was needed for me to feel extremely proud of my boys.

They were happy troopers, enjoying the nature and animals more than the artificial universal studios

The tulipmania was on and was a riot of colours with various tulip bulbs planted all over the garden which the kids loved. Who says boys don't do flowers?

SEA Aquarium
The kids lived the 800 species of marine animals across 49 different habitats that were displayed, each one as fascinating as the next, it was an experience they did nit forget in a hurry,
They squealed in delight walking across a floor of glass and watching the o red actors and other ocean creatures swim right beneath our feet.

We saw the hammer head shark which is an endangered species swim across the glass dome right above our head and the dance of the richly coloured translucent jelly fish
Giant stingrays slowly moved across the aquarium Of exotic coral reefs 

In Singapore Zoo we saw various Zones like Wild africa
Australian section, Tree tops trail, Primate kingdom and reptile garden

We saw the feeding of white tiger - the keeper Kumar threw giant chinks of meat and the tiger swam from across and catch them expertly and snacked on them.

We also saw the malayian tapir a lovely symmetrical  black and white animal who fed on greens

And we also watched the feeding of the tall necked giraffes and saw a few kangaroos darting across the path. 
The squirrel monkeys were free ranging and they jumped across fences and walls and were very enthusiastic

The fragile forest  was the most exciting section with flying foxes, butterflies that one could touch and other little animals that darted across the small covered dome. 

We then went to the River Safari- Asia's first and only river themed park highlighting aquatic life from  major rivers of the world like 

Missisipi, Ganges, Nile, congo, Murray, Mekong, Yangtze 

Also has Amazon flooded forest with simulation of amazon forest trees submerged during flood. 

We went for a boat safari and saw flaming red and pink flamingoes free ranging in the forest
and various ducks swimming nearby

Giant Panda Forest - China's gift to Singapore, giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia. Also sharing this climate-controlled biodome are the rare red pandas and elegant golden pheasants.

At the end of it all, I felt truly proud that my children love nature and observed each and every detail in the aquarium, river safari and the zoo. They read up each and every detail and watched. Each animal with interest.

It gives me a lot of hope and optimism that I am doing my parenting right as they preferred nature rather than anything artificial

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