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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Paranoia about Hygiene

While I always had a mild OCD about cleanliness I have taken it to the next level after reading up more on how much one must clean.


I have separate colour coded towels for surface wiping, hand wiping and vessels wiping to prevent transfer of germs. I read that wiping with messy kitchen towels spread more germs on the counter than not wiping at all.
Also wet towels attract more germs than dry ones.
So every night I spread out and bin my used towels in a basket and leave them outside to dry. The same are washed with a little bit of synthetic vinegar added to hot water.

Kitchen surfaces are wiped down with dish soap to kill germs. I wonder if I need ISO Propyl alcohol to do a thorough job?

Meat is washed in the sink that is outside and I hope all germs run away somewhere.


Fridge deep cleaned every month.

Dish scrubs and sponge to be changed on the first of every month. I am trying to microwave thoroughly washed damp sponge every week to kill the germs but not happening regularly. However I insist that the sponges are kept separately and left on the outer sink to dry because the damp sponges harbour the germs. I hope it helps.


Bedsheets to be changed every 15 days

Towels to be washed twice a week.

No eating in bedrooms or living rooms. Worms occur when one eats crumbs fallen on the bed because bed may house pin worms that explore at nighttime plus there is sweat, saliva and grime and other bodily fluids on the sheets!


To be as usual cleaned everyday and deep cleaned every week.

Shower cubicles and walls to be wiped down after shower.


All surfaces to be wiped everyday.

Windows and grills deep cleaned every alternate week.

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