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Monday, March 23, 2015

Green Initiatives of 2015

And when we think we can't be further greener, there come some more avenues to go green.
Some of the initiatives we managed to take 

- moved to LED lights in most places of the home 

- started more of gardening with attempts to grow basic herbs like greens, basil, mint. Whatever is possible in my sun less garden
Placed an aloe Vera plant on my desk to use as a moisturiser
Started composting using kitchen waste and house dust. Even making the kids pee in it so that I save the water that would go for flushing and also give nutrients for the compost.
Almost completely moved over to steel bottles, steel snack boxes . Closely reading the plastic container numbers
- less of microwaving more of induction or gas stove

- moved over to wooden cutting board

- moved over to iron tawa for dosa from nonstick tawa 

- separated potatoes and onions and using natural baskets

Moving over to cows milk from Astra if all goes well. Will try to make own ghee and paneer henceforth with better quality milk 
Glass containers for spices
More natural like kora grass mats and grass baskets plus more of plants all around

Other initiatives to take

Perhaps move to cloth bags for keeping veggies in the fridge

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