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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Saris And the City

Female Instincts were created for a reason- Listen to them
When a Man Loves a Woman, She Feels It.
Enjoy Being you. Not a wannabe, innocent younger you. Enjoy being you now.

Yasmin, a Bengali Muslim girl living in UK goes by the above maxims and more. She has her own mantras for a girl of her age living in today's time. She is a girl waiting for marriage to happen. Waiting for Mr Right who will sweep her off her feet. But life is not so simple for a Bengali Muslim girl who is the next in line for marriage. She has just dumped her cheating boyfriend and therefore there is no option in the horizon save for what concerned relatives bring to her father.

And above all, she just lost her job and her lady killer God's gift to woman boss Zachary finds her a job in the sister concern.

Sounds like a typical M&B romance setting but wait. There is more. This is not just a short sweet normal income girl who falls for tall dark handsome rich guy.
She is a career woman to the boot, and is also homely at the same time-with her love to bake and gasp-s crub her home clean!
Yasmin is on the team that is looking at revival strategy for a failing lingerie brand. Raina Jaisingh has come to inherit it and is passionate about reviving the brand.
Yasmin is initially taken in as the run around girl on the team. She genuinely cares for the brand and desires to help Raina who is determined to revive the brand.

So Yasmin is not our ordinary M&B girl but there is more substance to her character.

The chapters progress in the form of lessons for the heart- Yasmin's maxims on matters of the heart form the core of each chapter and thereby the core of the book.

A chicklit no doubt
Yasmin is the stereotypical Indian girl in Britain.
The theme is familiar.
Yet the book managed to capture my attention, enough to keep me turning the pages, was an escape into a world where everything ties beautifully in the end. Like a simple, light Hollywood movie.
But I feel the author went overboard with the coincidences. In true Bollywood style, all the characters come on stage at the same time during the final curtains.

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