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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Million

A few days ago Tejas wanted to know what comes after 1000. So we told him the counts - ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, 100 thousand, 1 million....
Something that had taken me years to get comfy with. Finally at the age of 25 when I was involved in active projects I could convert millions into lakhs and so on comfortably.
So we told Tejas a million has 6 zeroes.

He has suddenly developed a fascination for the calculator on my mobile-an application with which I am never comfortable and use only under duress. I prefer calculating mentally or on paper than use the calculator on the mobile phone.

Yesterday Tejas asks me- Mamma what is Million plus 100. I gave the answer without thinking and then checked what he was doing. He was doing the arithmetic on the phone calculator. I asked him what is this figure. He says- million. I asked how do you know- because it has 6 zeroes.
I never thought he will remember something that I had told him more than a week ago.

Last heard, he was telling Ojas who had caught on - I told you calculator is very easy.

They are doing various large figure additions and progressively getting fascinated with the figures that turn up after each mathematical operation.


Anonymous said...

haha.. its real fun reading ur posts on ojas n tejas.. they are adorable.. :)

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