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Monday, May 23, 2011

Inspector Ghote Trusts His Heart

What would one do if the tailor's son gets kidnapped instead of one's son and the ransom demand is still there?
Manibhai Desai the owner of the company that manufactures Trust X tonic tablet trusts his heart, and so does Inspector Ghote, assigned to this case. They decide to pay up. They decide to risk a percentage of the ransom in trying to get the tailor's son back and at the same time try to nab the crooks.
The police arranges a thorough bandobast- so thorough that the kidnapper's get a whiff of the entire plan and come back with a vengeance. They prove that they can even harm the poor boy if the ransom demand is not met.
A sudden brainwave puts inspector Ghote on the correct path to the mastermind in the entire action and as expected, our man solves the case.
I love the way Desai blows hot and cold on the decision to pay the ransom. I love the way he takes his decision- "I have seen this father. I have to pay up. It is different from the charity we do".

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