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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nothing to Declare

Based in Nepal, these 16 short stories mirror the life of Nepali youth. Ever changing yet never changing.
Initiations is a simple story of a young boy’s initiation into the adult world- he is expected to mock escape after the ceremony and his uncles are supposed to bring him back. The thrill of the chase prompts him to do something that no one has done before.
In Arranged Marriage, a young modern boy debates with himself and finds himself getting attracted to the proposition of an arranged marriage even though he was against it earlier.
Tiger is the story of bravado and the ultimate comparison between the fear of an animal and the problem of Maoists.
Nothing to Declare is the story of a boy who is going to London.
Angels is the story of a boys' hostel and the horrors that lurk there for younger kids at the hands of the older ones.
In Aryaghat, we deal with suicide of a boy in foreign lands.
The stories cover a wide range of subjects yet failed to excite me. it is a slim volume and the stories are short but I found it difficult to empathise with most of the stories.

Aryaghat is a touching story but leaves many questions unanswered, thereby reflecting the despair of the parents and relatives. Arranged Marriage is realistic - an initial rebellian followed by treading the beaten path. Whereas Angels horrified me.

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