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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrating Mommyhood

Via Kiran via Monika on Celebrating Mommyhood.

A tag to list out five lessons of life that Mommyhood has taught us, these could be sweet, bitter, funny, touching, whatever. These could be survival tips or cooking tips, or something as simple as the best thing to get puke smell out of hair.So, the rules are simple. Put the badge up. Write out five lessons that Mommyhood taught you. And tag five mommy bloggers.

1. To not only answer questions but to also question the answers- I always thought MBA taught me that. But no. Come motherhood and I am always debating, questioning, reading, googling, asking, seeking, more than what I was doing earlier. Sometimes I am questioning age old traditions like stuffing cod liver oil into a fish eating child's daily diet in hot summery Chennai or complicated stuff like whether mutton is cooling (yin) or heat generating (yang). And other times I am trying to compose the best possible answer to the kids' questions.

2. To Exercise Self Control- Leading by example takes a whole new meaning altogether. So it could be something like giving up junk food altogether (or err banishing junk food from home), or switching off the TV while eating and strictly eating at the dining table rather than languishing on the sofa, or putting the shoes back into the shoe rack instead of allowing them to lie scattered right outside the rack. Or more difficult stuff like restraining the tendency to quarrel like wild cats. (touch wood)

3. Being Straight on the Narrow- coming back home on time from office, no loitering around in shops unless really necessary or grabbing a bite in a restaurant. Keeping me time/ girlie time to hours when I will not be missed.

4. Stretching the 24 hours to beyond- Making the most of the time the kids are napping by cramming in as much work as possible, multitasking, and often urging others to multitask- handing over job works to the husband while he watches TV- give the kids breakfast, get them to do homework, maybe even fold the laundry. Grabbing any available time for reading. Gymming while the kids nap or play. Making the beds, oiling my hair, getting kids to change and many more tasks during the commercial break on TV. I have become the queen of multitask and the queen of home management even without being present at home all the time.

5. Appreciate my Parents/ Parenthood- Above all, this is what motherhood has taught me- to appreciate any parent. To appreciate the fact that parents always wish the best for their children. Regardless of what we children feel, or regardless of the fact that perhaps even if we feel that is not the best for us, and we may be right, our parents do not intend to do anything that is less than the best for us.

Inspite of being parents, they are humans first and like every human being- they might have their clay feet. They might have their failings but their heart almost always wish the best for their children.

I tag anyone who would like to take this up.

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