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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Delhi Rail Museum

One of the good things that R Mamu did was to take the kids to the Rail Museum when we went there in Feb.

Educational trip and all that blah was ok, but more than that, we moms were beyond thrilled.

It was like an unexpected, unplanned break for us moms.

And especially when we were rudely told- you ladies are not going. Only dads and kids.

Classic case of "neki or pooch pocch"- loosely translated to - If you want to do something good then why are you asking for permission? Just do it!

So a quick look at the pictures from the visit. But do not ask me what they are about because I did not go there!
Don't worry, the guy seeming to be staring at the kids from behind is the kid's father (my cousin)

My favourite complaint letter - I never knew this was in the museum

which is why these came about in the trains

They also sell souveniers- a nice booklet starring the mascot bholu who takes you through the museum, train stickers and cute engine shape metal paperweights

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Roses - Mama Magic said...

You know we were there last Nov 2010 and I share your expression...don't ask me 'what they are'.
Somewhere around the third picture is the only one that I know and can share it in great details! not of the Presidents, but the larger photographs above those of the Presidents :) !