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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bleed for Me

A psychological thriller that not onlyd eals with the plain facts of the case but also delves into the deeper psychological motives of the criminals or the murder suspects.

Sienna Hegarty appears on the door steps of Joe the psychologist, covered in blood and in a state of deep shock.

The blood is of her father Ray Hegarty, Police officer- now lying dead in her room.

She is trying to be sad but cannot. Not just she, but also her crippled sister and brother.

Joe is determined to clear Sienna's name while the police is determined to maintain Ray's clean name/ image.

After a lot of effort, Sienna slowly opens up to Joe and begins to live through her traumas. She goes over them in detail and thereby uncovers the facts of the case.

What follows is a series of dirty secrets being uncovered not just from Sienna's home but also from other people in Sienna's life, including her teachers.

The story is chilling and an eye opener.

In the context of the CSA awareness month this book could become a case in point highlighting the many ways in which the kids are endangered by people most known to them.

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