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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Resident Taster

Tejas must have eaten melon just once till date.
The other day he asked me for watermelon juice and Ojas asked for watermelon + musk melon juice.
The balance of this juice, I poured into Tejas' glass. He took a sip and said- melon jaisa taste hai!

Not easy to fool him in the taste and smell department- like his Mamma!

While on teh topic of fruits- this year is alphonso discovery one. I have eaten the same from Mumbai, and Chennai both- unlike usually I prefer not to take the low quality alphonso.
But my heart still beats for Himsagar, that I discovered a couple of years ago and Langda of course.

We also bought Lichis at teh criminal price of Rs 150/ kg. The kids love it. Not as good as the red, juicy, luscious ones you get in Patna though. :(

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