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Friday, May 20, 2011

Inspector Ghote Breaks an Egg

In this story, Inspector Ghote has to sell a case of extra large size eggs in a small town on an unwieldy bicycle.

Err well, this is his master disguise. In a small town, where the powerful Municipal Chariman with his army of well wishers and goondas reigns, a mere police inspector would be foolish to attempt to carry out a daring direct investigation into a murder. A murder that pins the blame onto the Municipal chairman himself.

So Inspector Ghote sets out armed with the case of eggs to the town's policestation from where he carries out his investigations, thereby being just a name without a face being attached to it.

Amidst the protests of the swami and his followers and the threats from the goondas sent by the Municipal chairman, Ghote manages to secure key informants about the depths of the case and the conspiracies that took place 15 years ago, when the Chairman's wife died.

Ghote also uncovers surprising facts hitherto unknown to the world.

Go on- the tale is gripping - a simple murder story written in Indian context.

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How do we know said...

i read the first Ins. Ghote after your review.. guess it doesnt work for everyone.. :-) glad it works for u though.. and i love the succint book reviews that helpus make a choice really easily.