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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Room with a View

A of the reason why I am very happy at the workplace is the room. Well, I did have a room in the last office also plus this one is far better.

a) The desk space is huge and largely empty. Whereas my previous place was loaded with stuff-samples, documents, inserts in the glass top, snacks and sundry other things, this is a refreshing change from a cluttered desk.

b) Morning Sunshine comes in to greet me. Inspite of the glare, I love it with the blinds totally out of the way.

This plant I carried back from the previous office and placed it in the path of the sunlight

The madmomma's gift was just waiting at home until I moved here and adorned it on the desk. It still needs to be filled up though!

c) And the best-est of it all- this view everytime I glance outside while working on the computer!


How do we know said...

wow! NICE!

the mad momma said...

what a lovely view. all my moneyplants are dying because the heat makes the water boil the roots and kill them :(

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks gals!
MM- i hope mine stays- already i can see the tips of 2 leaves yellowing... i wonder the sunlight is making it happen.