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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Home Makeover Series- More Paintings on the Walls

The husband got bitten by the painting bug. And I got bitten by the bug that makes you want to adorn your walls with lots of pictures. So we went around hunting for good pictures, but none seemed good enough. We are not the types who want the standard boring landscapes and all on our walls. We want something more meaningful and likeable and something with which we can identify - like colourful Madhubani art,

Or this unique work from PhillipinesWe hunted for Kalamkari work done on cloth but I guess I need to wait for the Dastakari Haat to buy it.
In our search for art works- we visited Kalpdruma and noticed a lot of wall art done - we took inspiration from that and came out with ideas to adorn our walls. Take a look.

Painter at work

Impressed- Ojas & Tejas take snaps The Finished Work- on the wall behind the bed
The Sun Shining from our Entrance Wall

Tree of Life - birds, animals and us


R's Mom said...

Wowowow..amazing paintings..but the one your hubby drew is the best :)

Sue said...

*applauds Itchy and K on work beautifully done*

Asha said...

Just WOW! Your husband is really good. *clap clap*

Just Like That said...


Anonymous said...

Landscapes boring!!..van gogh wld squirm in his sure you wont mind a von gogh or a picasso or a salvado dali ;)

Btwn, that painting is good..but dont you think such dark colours make the room look small??

Anonymous said...

Nice Paintings. I have read your other posts about home decoration. I love what you did with your home. You are going to be an inspiration for me as we are redecorating our bedroom this month.

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks girls!! will pass on the appreciation to the husband

Anon- not really- the colors we choose doesn't make the room look dark.
it depends on the play of lights and the choice of colors. And we always give a relief with a light color on one or more walls

telugumom- all the best. hav fun!

Sue- i am glad I goit the opportunity to show off the stuff to u in person...

Usha said...

Wow, awesome wall paintings - all done by your husband?