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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ojas, Tejas Crack a Joke

Me- Come and have your lunch
Kids- What is there for lunch
Me- Chicken
Kids- KFC?
Me- No, MFC- Mamma's Fried Chicken
Kids- If Dadda gets chicken then what will you call it
Kids- no, KFC (Because Hubby's name starts with K!)


A 7 year old kid hit the neighbour's children. Ojas & Tejas gave him a lecture

Why did you hit them

Boy- because they hit me

Ojas, Tejas- If they hit you, you should tell their mother, not hit them. They are babies no?


Tejas- I am hungry (angling for the lollypop or something interesting)

Me - Will you have milk

Tejas- I said eat not drink


Or alternatively

Tejas- I am hungry (angling for the juice)

Me- Will you have rice

Tejas- I want to drink something not eat


R's Mom said...

hahahahaha! I love the eat and drink thing...I should try that on my mom ;)

Praveen said...

Smart boys I say!!!

Usha said...

hehehehe. hugs to O and T. And to think that they were mere babies just a few months ago!